Simple Strategies for Keeping Up with Our Busy Lives

daughter-hugging-mother-picture-id942150170 Simple Strategies for Keeping Up with Our Busy Lives
We are on the path to stress management. But as we walk along this path, changes are constantly taking place in our lives. We normally just do not keep pace with these changes,  but if we start doing so,  we can start upgrading our stress management theories and skills accordingly. 

For most of us,  stressing becomes a way of life,  and we step into a comfort zone with it. We may begin to feel sometimes,  that we are not able to control the circumstances for the moment. But we can control our response to it. 

There of course, cannot be one style or strategy for all people. For each one of us, relief from stress comes in our own unique way. Whatever strategy works for one may not be ideally suited for the other. So it is important that we have, a number of stress management tools at hand.  Each one of us can decide,  which is the tool, best suited to us. 

Today I feel like suggesting, some very basic and simple strategies,  which can be worked from home, as it is, only in the privacy of our own homes are we far more relaxed than anywhere else, it is our natural comfort zone. So everything we do in our comfort zone works better and faster on us.
Most of us like to believe that unless something doesn't sound very complicated, it is not really very worthwhile. In fact most of life is very simple and beautiful.  We tend to make it complicated,  by our negative thinking process. 

Firstly we need to believe that life is simple.This belief in itself, will catapult us, into a zone which is stress free. 

Keep your thoughts simple and positively tuned. This is a sure way to happiness.

The physical touch is very important. When you actually hug someone,  a natural hormone called the "cuddle hormone" is released . This is called Oxytocin, it is associated with higher levels of happiness, and it naturally lowers stress. 
1. Lowers BP
2. Reduces Stress
As it lowers the hormone norpinephrine and produces a sense of relaxation.  
Ask a loved one for a hug,  when you feel you need one.  The most simplest and free form of relaxation. 

Whatever appeals to your creative sensibilities. It could be,  painting,  music,  coloring,  singing.  Whatever gives you the joyous feel.  Don't be shy.  
Step away from your inner hiding and your  inhibitions.  Live in your own zone. Exhude joyousness.

 Really very useful.  Makes you relaxed and living in the moment.  You feel energized. 

Stay with stress management in your own way.  Develop your own mantra.  Practice mindfulness , pay attention to all else around. 

 Then you will not be worrying about the past and future. And this will take care of most of the excess baggage in your life. 

 Involves relaxing all the muscles in your body.  
 Once you know how to recognize the tension in your body,  you will know how to release it.  
 Practice tightening and relaxing each muscle group, starting with forehead,  moving down to the toes. 
 Experience and enjoy the relaxation sweeping over you. 

 Changing the way you breathe,  can change your way of stressing. 
 You can practice breathing, sitting anywhere,  at home or even at work. 
 1. Breathe through your nose,  count till 10 and release. 
2. Breathe,  through the nose, imagine breathing in peace and calm.  Breathe away stress and tension. 

 Allow yourself to visualize,  your most desired visual space,  transport yourself there. 
 Keep your eyes closed,  while stepping into your visual. 
 Allow yourself the feeling of being there. 
 Sitting at the beach,  feeling the waves,  smelling the ocean,  feeling the sand under your feet. 
 It's all in your mind , create it there and push stress far away. 
 Enjoy your stress free happiness. 
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