Small Changes That Can Make A Huge Difference

copingwstress Small Changes Make a Huge Difference

Simply having a clear plan for stress relief can help you feel empowered, shed your stress and feel more relaxed.

We normally in our day to day lives, don't actually notice the stress building up, it is only when we begin to get overwhelmed by stress does it start showing up in different ways, like a low immune system or irritability. Most of the lifestyle diseases are attributed to stress. It can also be held responsible for the minor irritants in life.

Fortunately for us we just need to realize that very small changes in lifestyle and attitude, can make a huge difference in how we approach and face the differences in our lives.

We need to have a mixture of long term and short term stress relievers, in order to reach a level of ongoing stress relief, so that stress never really overwhelms us.


It is imperative to maintain long term habits to build resilience in such a way, that you eliminate the idea of stress even before you start experiencing it.


You have to learn not to get emotionally overwhelmed by the challenges in your life. Emotion focused coping strategies help you to address your issues in a more calm and level headed fashion.


This entails focusing on the solutions rather than on the problems that are causing the stress.

It directly attacks the stressors and indirectly helps in reducing stress, by reducing the challenges that you are facing.

This type of coping with stress, again requires more intense techniques of stress management.


Taking care of your physical being is extremely important. It means you eat a healthy diet, and stay away from things which are not conducive to good health.

Focus on things that make you happier.


Exercise, though on the surface feels good for the body,  but in the long run it actually proves to be good for your stress levels.

1. It is useful to refocus attention

2. Helps let go of unnecessary thought

3. Connects you with people once you join a group exercise class

It actually decreases the "stress hormones " like cortisole and increases endorphins, the "feel good" hormones.

It is a natural boost to the mood.


Exercise takes your mind off the problems, and into a zen like state. Biking and walking make you enjoy your environment, and life itself.


It may sound superficial, but looking good is really a major "feel good" factor. This increases your level of confidence, the aura strengthens and you get healthier.


This is one of the most popular ways to relieve stress. It has nothing to do with being a religious or spiritual practice, you can use it just as a tool.

1. Helps you build resilience

2. Helps to get you centered

3. Helps maintain a balance

4. It is a quick fix stress reliever

5. Calms the mind and body both

Restores calm in the body, quietens stress induced thoughts, and thus helps in the body repairing itself. It also prevents new damage happening, by quietening unnecessary thinking. Regular practice brings long term resilience, which in turn strengthens the immune system while keeping stress at bay.

Psychologists have intensively researched the effects of Positive infusion on stress and find it very effective.


Resilience helps to broaden your perspective, this helps you notice more possibilities in your life.

Increases your stamina, fitness, health and overall wellness.

A good mood will inspire much activity on a personal motivational level. You will feel like going to the gym, exercise, step away from ruminations, find more supportive relationships,  and allow you the space to head towards an upward spiral.


Savoring positive experiences can prolong happiness. This leads to greater enjoyment of life.

It is of course hard for most of us to believe, that we live in a total mind body connect constantly.

Every little thought manifests itself through our bodies, to express itself.

It is important to keep our minds in a constant flow of happiness, so that we remain in a state of perfect health with super resilient immune systems.

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