Some Days You Just Have To Wave The Flag


Thank God that my life continues to put me in touch with the feeling of powerlessness that I still have within me.

I had a moment of feeling completely overwhelmed and I could feel the powerlessness underneath it. Being a parent is hard. Some days you just have to wave the flag. I don’t know what wormhole I went down, but I found myself, after my daughter had a meltdown, in a yucky place where I stayed the rest of the day. 

My place of happy joy joy that was wonderful, that rainbow glitter place, my daughter decided was not going to happen. She threw a shute down to the yucky side of the street directly in front of me and low and behold, I did the slip and slide on the seltzer all the way down the yucky side of the street. I proceeded to live there the remainder of my day. Being a dad is hard. Staying awake and aware is hard. I have feelings of being so powerless as a parent. 

It’s amazing what the entry point into presence is. Even powerlessness is the entry point into presence. 

Here’s to everyone that is overwhelmed and powerless underneath it all. The more we expand, the more we align with that mad wicked awesome mother of dimensional energy that puts us into witness consciousness and allows us to remember we are divine beings unfolding in divine order. That’s how it works.

Resting in the awareness of your breath, transforms your life into a living meditation.

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