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Knowing that “There is only One thing happening here and it is Good” is not about by-passing reality by any means. Being and operating from the heart space, from a soulful space, and looking out through that lens is the surest way to hold this transcendent perspective.

From a survivor perspective, we can name countless reasons to believe that it is NOT all good. With gun violence, injustice, abuse, poverty – you name it – we can certainly build a case that it doesn’t look so good. And here is where we can take a “time out” in our thinking and remember that we are more than just flesh and bone. We are more than just surviving, instinct-based individuals. We are creative-source energy in a body. We are God-source energy in a body. While that is a lofty statement, it happens to be the truth.

So what does that mean and how does that apply in the real world? We have come to this real world, to this dimension, for a great exercise program. Nothing is happening that is not a direct match for what we are here to realize. When really big things are happening, it is because we are big beings who have taken on a project for the purpose of realizing what we are. With full acceptance of all the energies we experience in all circumstances (including grief, pain, anger, despair, illness, or anything else), we can simultaneously embody a different vibrational frequency by choosing to BRING the Love, bring the compassion, bring the understanding. In doing so, we change the world, starting right where we stand.

When pure spirit being comes into the physical dimension, there is friction. That friction shows up as the challenges in the news, in our family life, in our health. In whatever way we experience these things, each is also an opportunity to experience ourselves in a way that we have not before. Each is an opportunity for us to reach inside and access something we didn’t even know we had.

–Dr. Sue

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