What do I want

If you are comfortable with the basics of getting to a meditative state, you are ready to take a very big leap that will bring you to a higher level of awareness through self-inquiry. The next big step is to ask the question, What do I want? The way to do this is to settle into your meditation and then deliberately address this question to the universe. You can also address this question to a spiritual guide, your higher-self, god, or any place you have had experience retrieving information.

This should not be a question you force but should be arrived at by exploring your emotions before you begin your meditation. You are asking the universe to help you here so you must have a genuine desire for an answer. The universe responds to true desires that it can sense from your being state, so your desire to know must be genuine.

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The New

Ideas to Process and Integrate. You must change more than your thinking. You must open your heart. 

You are the one you have been waiting for.

What new “aha” moment have you experienced, and what changes are you willing to make? You will never move forward by repeating what is in back of you. The people in your huddle are comfortable with you staying the same. When you change, the whole game plan can change.

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Do You Walk Your Talk?

Many people who have been on a path of personal and spiritual growth have spent a lot of time talking. Talking with friends about what is wrong and what they want. Talking with therapists about their past and their beliefs. Talking with a mate about what needs changing. They have explored and explored and talked and talked - and not much has changed.

Perhaps it's time for less talk and more action - loving action.

Loving actions are those actions that support our highest good and the highest good of others. Loving actions are those actions that are motivated by love rather than by fear.

Exploring your limiting beliefs and where you got them is essential for opening the door to loving action. However, you can explore forever and nothing will change without loving action. You can talk and talk and learn and learn, but until you are willing to take loving action, nothing will change. It’s not that it is time to stop learning about our fears and beliefs, but it is time for all this learning to result in loving action. 

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9 Imagination Quotes to inspire your meditations

I want to bring your attention to an important aspect of our minds, our Imagination.

Sometimes we need to stop living in an external world and journey inward to a different world. That world is our personal evolutionary journey made possible by our creativity and enabled by the most noble of our mental assets, imagination.

Exploring a problem to find a solution, connecting experiences from our past to understand some new aspect of ourselves, expanding knowledge that becomes wisdom, this is our journey and requires assistance from our imagination.

Inventing something new from something old whether it is an idea that benefits all of society or just makes our lives richer in some small way, requires imagination. Using imagination in a unique meditative visualization to reach higher states of consciousness is among the highest and best use of it for seekers. The greatest observable outcome is using imagination to visualize an intention during meditation to manifest a thing we desire.

I have included nine quotes about imagination along with my comments to explore this subject further. Review and reflect on these to inspire, inform, and energize your meditation practice.

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Four Ways to Know You Are Growing Spiritually (Podcast)

"You begin to realize the inherent interconnectedness of all things, because you're no longer stuck in your sense of separate self."

On this episode of SoulTalk, I give clear insights about the signs and changes to look out for to know you are growing spiritually.

In an age where the term "spirituality" is loaded with misconceptions and bypassing, I dive deep in this episode to define modern spirituality and give a clearer overview of what it means to live a spiritual life today. In this episode, I offer you four practical indications that spiritual growth is happening in your life and I teach you how changing your overall perspective of life helps you to gain full access to freedom and happiness.

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What Is Mindful Eating?

“Mindfulness” derives from Buddhism and is a meditation practice that allows you to generate greater awareness of your emotions and physical sensations.

When applied to one’s dietary practices, “mindful eating” can help manage various conditions, such as eating disorders, mental health problems and poor eating habits.

At its core, mindful eating may comprise slowing down while eating, reducing distractions during meals, paying closer attention to hunger cues and engaging all senses. You might also foster a deeper appreciation for your food and better understand how food impacts your feelings, anxiety and overall well-being.

Studies have shown how powerful of a tool mindful eating is and recommends it to regain better control of your eating — here’s why.

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New Age Spirituality: Embracing Societal Transformation

The New Era brings about a wide range of social change and societal transformation due to people's personal experiences with specific ideas and practices. This New Age Spirituality Movement promotes self-spirituality and self-reliance, increasing human potential and laying the groundwork for a New Age Spirituality. Six out of ten individuals in the world value mystical experiences, and the future period has transmitted messages of self-improvement.

Society may not realize it but gradually absorbs the New Age Spirituality. Spiritual energy is inextricably linked to religious ideas, and the New Age Spirituality Movement ushers in a generation that embraces societal change. This religious movement incorporates conventional religious ideas while mixing them with New Age notions such as healing crystals.

If you let it and allow it to manifest in your life, positive thoughts may carry you far. This is the essence of the New Age Spirituality movement; it is more than just a religious movement.  Can you imagine how far-reaching and influential the social transformation brought forth by this movement will be for future generations? People of all ages and walks of life will be affected by the New Age Spirituality! Do you still have doubts about this spirituality?

We’ve got you covered! In this article, you’ll learn about:

  • How does New Age Spirituality influence your life
  • Learning how to master self-reliance and self-improvement
  • What is the essence and significance of New Age Spirituality
  • Unlocking practical and pragmatic New Age Spirituality Beliefs
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How To Find Emotional Stability Through Prayers?

Emotional strength and stability are two of the most valued traits that we try a lot of ways to attain. However, in the current times, it may seem difficult to achieve a sense of equilibrium amidst so many chaotic events. As a collective, we are all stressed more than usual over the last two years, and understandably so. But this article is not to address the events of the past; today, we’re going to take a page from faith and learn how to re-establish peace and harmony from within.

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Charles Fillmore and Reincarnation

Many Unity students on a spiritual pathway believe in reincarnation.They have too many moments in their lives, either within their careers or within their relationships, which seem very familiar.

Through centuries stories have been told of how 
people’s souls long to reconnect.Though they come from many sides of the Universe and other lifetimes, their souls manage to find each other again.
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Top 13 Signs You Are Experiencing a Shift to Higher Vibrational Energy

Have you ever woken up and noticed that you feel different?  Do you sometimes think the world has gone a little mad, but it doesn’t elicit any feeling of fear? Have you wondered if you are experiencing the transformation that woo woo people speak of?  Keep reading and discover 13 signs that indicate you are experiencing a shift to a higher vibrational energy.

A Recent Shift of Mine

I began my day much like any other; meditation, coffee and some form of exercise.  On this particular day, I was traveling with family in an unfamiliar city.  We decided to walk to a nearby breakfast place.

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What is a peak meditation experience?

A Peak Meditation experience (PME) can sometimes be described by a more common term as a vision. One definition of a vision is something seen in a dream or trance with a supernatural appearance that usually conveys a revelation or a spiritual experience.

Peak Meditation Experiences are often spiritual in nature and can be life changing or profound in their teachings, like a near death experience. PME’s of this type, act like big downloads of data. The messaging might come in like a compressed computer file but takes time to unpack to get its full meaning. By unpack I mean reviewing the download over possibly several meditations, weeks, or months to understand its meaning for you.

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Learn to Stand in the Light of Wholeness

Ask yourself: how many times have I won the object of my desire, only to find out that it wasn’t enough? How familiar do the following statements seem to you?      

“This is the greatest thing that’s ever happened … but what if …”

         “I love you … but …”

         “This moment is almost perfect … all it needs is …”

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Messages From Spirit: how I Discovered Mediumship!

Connecting with loved ones who have passed to the other side can be an incredibly healing, gratifying, and transformative experience. Lots of people seek out mediums to help them connect with the deceased. But for a long time, I had a hard time accepting myself to be one of those mediums… 

For a large part of the beginning of my career as an intuitive, I denied the idea of mediumship for myself. I thought I was just a very accurate intuitive who could pick up information about people who have crossed but not that I was actually getting the information from the dead themselves. Plus I couldn’t prove it. I can distinctly remember saying, “I don’t talk to dead people.” on more than one occasion. Early on, the connections I made through mediumship came unbidden and usually to my (and my clients’) surprise. I thought it was interesting but just one of those weird buckets of information that would come to me at random – part of my capacity to perceive details of someone instead of receiving directly from the one crossed over. It did make me wonder though, but I fluffed it off. 

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Encounters with Your Loved Ones Who Passed

When I was at the post office the other day, I walked alongside an elderly woman who was bent over holding a cane and walking very, very slowly toward the car that dropped her off.

I gave her a big smile and asked: “You got this?”

She smiled back and said, “Yep!”

When she got to the car door, I opened it and helped her in. We looked at each other for a moment, exchanged another smile, and then she said something that took me by surprise. It was an exact expression that my Mom used to say to me!

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Resetting Your Mind For Higher Consciousness

By Deepak Chopra, MD and Dr. David Frawley (Vamadeva Shastri)

There has never been a better time to reach a state of higher consciousness than now. On the surface this seems like a paradox. Modern secular society is far removed from the pursuit of higher consciousness, whether we call it nearness to God, enlightenment, awakening, or living a saintly life. This has the effect of placing it out of reach of our ordinary life experience.

Putting higher consciousness back into everyday life can happen in our own times, because what is involved is a process that anyone can undertake. The most basic way to define this is as a reset of the mind, and there is abundant evidence about how resetting the mind works—it has similarities to undertaking any project that focuses the mind in a new direction, such as training for a marathon or adopting an anti-aging program, while at the same time there are significant differences. 

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“Believe nothing I say. Simply live it. Experience it."

My dear, dear companions on this journey…

I would like to make a closing statement about the whole Conversations with God encounter that has touched my life and, amazingly, the lives of millions of others around the world. But by “closing statement” I do not mean a “final” statement. I’m sure I will have many more things to say about CWG before I leave this planet!

By “closing statement” I mean that I want to bring a close to any speculation about how I feel about, how I personally hold, the
Conversations with God experience --- and how I wish and hope that anyone who is, or becomes, aware of it will feel also.

I want to put to rest any thought, idea, notion, or claim that may lead to a misunderstanding that any person or group may have about me, and about the body of work that has filled 39 books and consumed the last 27 years of my life. 

I am aware, of course, that some people and groups have called me a blasphemer, a heretic, and, in the extreme, an instrument of the devil. I understand how they could have come to that, for many of the ideas I have placed into the world directly confront and specifically contradict their most sacred beliefs. 

Because of this, I am very okay with them describing me in this way. I am okay with it because I admire and encourage the active and energetic defense of one’s own most sacred beliefs, so long as that defense does not involve or include the inflicting of emotional or physical violence. 

For in my heart’s deepest experience and my mind’s highest understanding, sacred beliefs lose the quality that
rendered them “sacred” if they are expressed or demonstrated in a way that damages another. 

But so long as we create and maintain the space within which you can share and practice your beliefs, and I can share and practice mine...and we can do so while loving each other purely, and admiring each other genuinely, for having the courage and the gumption and the willingness to do so without rage-filled hostility, without brutality, and surely without bloodshed...then we will have both venerated our beliefs and honored each other. 

To my mind, none of this means that we should never, ever doubt what we hold to be true. Especially what we hold to be true about God.

A national television interviewer once asked me on a major network news show: “Do you ever doubt that the experience you’ve had is what you say it is? Do you ever doubt the accuracy of the information you feel you’ve been given?” 

My response was immediate, simple, and straightforward.

“You know, the day I stop doubting is the day I become dangerous, and I have no intention of becoming dangerous.”

So I want to tell
you to doubt as well. (I’m sure I don’t have to encourage this.) I want you to be clear that one of the most important messages of the Conversations with God dialogues is not to believe them. 

Indeed, in the very first book of the nine texts we hear this in the voice of God: 

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Dis-ease Is Not Inherited

A disease prompted Myrtle Fillmore to pursue a balanced life,and this pursuit led to her healing and the birth of the Unity Movement.Though diagnosed with tuberculosis, she would say repeatedly,“I am a child of God; therefore, I do not inherit disease.”

As children of God, we do not have to accept the human race conditioning which says we will inherit or adopt the same aches and ailments common among our family members.

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How to Meditate: A 4-Step Guide for Clarity & Intuition

If I had to share just ONE valuable tip that had the power to dramatically change your life for the better, my advice would be this: learn how to meditate. 

Meditation is one of the most powerful success tools available to you. Even a simple five-minute basic mindfulness meditation practice can boost your mental clarity, focus, and intuition, making it easier for you to remain calm in challenging situations and make better decisions in the present moment. 

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Is God's Energy And Ours The Same?

Divine energy is present in everything… from the ocean to the tallest tree, from the smallest blade of grass to a human being.All is energy,and all is God substance and God essence.
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4 Ways to Know You Are Growing Spiritually

1. You start losing interest in “yourself.” You find yourself less and less interested in your story. You know who you really are, you know that you are NOT your story. And as a result your taste for the drama that comes along with it starts falling away. You lose interest in drama. Drama simply gives you a false sense of aliveness. When you are in tune with your real self, you are connected to the source of aliveness, thus you are fulfilled. You no longer need drama as a superficial way to try and feel alive.

2. You become less judgmental. The world we live in is a realm of duality. As you grow spiritually you begin seeing beyond right and wrong. Right and wrong is a perception based on your ego’s conditioning. It’s subjective based on the collective cultural agreement. As you grow spiritually you free yourself from the prison of your identity and you move beyond duality. You start seeing life from a higher perspective. As a result, you are more able to see the whole picture and able to honor each person’s soul evolution. You realize that EVERYTHING is perfect for your own soul’s evolution even if it doesn’t seem that way at first. You may still feel the feelings that arise but are able to see the inherent perfection and not get stuck there.

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