Accepting Life in Motion and Feeling


The following is an excerpt from The Cat's Reincarnation: Transformative Encounters with Animals.


We learn the same life lessons again and again, delving more deeply into the essence of these. We spiral and cycle through love that lightens, expands, and falls further into the endless each time we revolve through a familiar lesson with a loved one.

When I treat life with a willingness to cooperate, all life becomes my teacher and my lover.  Recently I experienced some cramping during my menstrual flow. Believing that my ovaries have a life of their own and were expressing something to me, I decide to be my ovaries for a while. I took my consciousness into my ovaries. I placed my feeling awareness right in my ovaries. It became apparent that some sorrow was living there. I saw pictures of events that had happened many years ago which had lodged themselves in my ovaries. As I remained fully present, fully accepting of the ovaries' experience, the pain intensified. I was one with the pain so it no longer hurt.  I was placing my consciousness in the ovaries instead of analyzing them. The pain was merely a sensation. As I remained present, the pain subsided. I took the pain to my heart (a practice suggested by Margaret Ruby, who is the founder of Possibilities DNA) and forgave it. My ovaries felt a tingling joy. I was in love with life.

During a visit,  Feline Sno's person tells me that Sno has become calmer since the two of us recently spent time with one another. Sno has also repeated being stand-offish among some guests. My heart tells me again that Sno is a very loving and sensitive little being. I feel her to be playful, and she affirms this is so. These are her thoughts sent through my heart. We feel and think together. She sends me heart-telepathic pictures of herself as an acrobatic healer, bringing me great delight and joy. When I approach her she hisses. Her outer behavior doesn't  match what I feel she is communicating to me from within so I remain curious.

I keep my focus on the love I feel she was sending to me. Later in the day when I have left her home and am alone, I send gratitude from my heart to hers. My heart  tells me that this sweet white girl with Andara Avalon crystal blue eyes is a sister and dear friend.  I realize that her hiss is simply a communication that I  stepped over her boundaries by coming too physically close, eager to cuddle her.

Next time I see Sno I apologize for stepping over her boundaries and say, "If you want to touch me please reach out your paw or rub your body against mine. I will not violate your boundaries again. I will not touch you unless you show me you wish to touch."  She looks at me with eyes that said, "Thank you."

Ten minutes later she rubs her body against me , reaching out for my hand with both her paws.  Apparently this is unusual behavior for her, because people often leave her alone after she hisses.  The love between us begins to tingle in my heart like precious bells chiming. Sno looks into my eyes for a very long time. I feel myself freshly being born into a new world.

We can bring each other into new births repeatedly: humans and animals, animal and animals, humans and humans!  In an openness to the heart's song of now, each beginning breath is a unique experience, flavored with similar themes.  I call this world the palace of Divine Love. I feel myself being transported with this wondrous princess to a very clear pure place where all is ecstatic, sweetly sacred, and intoxicatingly delightful.  During the experience I am both in Heaven and on Earth at the same time. I began to cry with gratitude and innocence I recall from childhood.

As I reflect on the experience, I realize that this Divine master teacher has given me an important key for awakening.  Cherish and protect your Divinity. My feline guide is willing to respond to me when I speak to the love in her with the love in me in the realm of mutual respect. My own organs respond when I accept with respect. We have been here before, and now we revisit this awareness as new born. Each cycle is fresh, intoxicating nectar from the Divine. So as not to dilute the clear essence where she remains present, she needs me to adjust my energy approaching her gently. By tenderly demanding complete respect, she transports me to a place I would not have entered otherwise. 

I feel that this feline can see me at a very deep level, recognizing the angel in me as well. Each of us has an angel inside, deep within the most loving part of us.  My cat friend is affirming to me in a wordless language that my individual way is my sweet gift. In flowing with what feels true to my heart I become both the receiver and offering of this Divine gift: myself. This profound feline being has invited me to bring out my purest self. In responding I become more at home in myself. I also feel profoundly seen and heard.

            All beings in life have something to offer.  All aspects of life have something to offer. 

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