Bridging the Gap

woman-sits-on-the-demodara-nine-arches-bridge-the-most-visited-sight-picture-id947794688 Bridging the Gap

Is it possible to experience the clearest vibration our soul can achieve, while in our human form. Do we have the capacity to fully connect, such as in a Near Death Experience. Maybe we don’t need to die, to experience that magnitude of awareness. What if it’s as easy as our awareness slipping out of our body and returning to a state of Grace. When we are ready, we shift back to the human form.


I like to think we always have the capacity to experience our highest form. I imagine the state of Grace is free of fear and we are able to love ourselves and others and everything completely. I know Grace is always with us.


A young boy shared with me the age of his grandparents. He was surprised that his Great Grandmother outlived his Grand Father. He shared how those that cross over, watch their own funerals. The boy then began telling me about reincarnation. He shared how each of us have many lives. We were hiking through snow and bright sun, talking about reincarnation. I asked him if he has had past lives. His response was no. He believed he would certainly remember them. He thought if he had past lives, they would involve wars or fires. I am sure he has experienced many lives, possibly some as a great teacher. Our conversation will be long remembered by me and probably already life.


Perhaps if we figure it out in just one life experience, we figure out eternal awareness. Of course we do. It is that simple, and there are so many people ready to expand into full awareness. We are pressings our face against the window of eternity. We can imagine what it looks like. We are so close to feeling it, living it, breathing and being. Within your body you have a system that looks much like the circulatory system.


This system is gold with flashes of silver and really every color imaginable. This network sends the cosmic energy through your entire body, mind and spirit. The design of this system interacts with the fabric of eternal life. When the universal energy moves through you, Your love and awareness builds .. This is your sacred imprint on Earth. Your beauty, courage, strength and wisdom is shared with all, thru eternity. It is the energy that holds your imprint that is released, upon death. This life giving energy crosses thru a portion of the tightly formed universal fabric. This fabric holds the tunnel of light. I believe this is when we fully recognize the help from the other side. The tunnel that is formed for our arrival to eternal awareness, is created by our loved ones and guides.. They are the light and the pathway. Maybe each life lived, carries your sacred imprint for all lives. You can experience each life now, because it is occurring within.


Channeled Message

I imagine being guided by the beautiful sounds of music and the brightly lit colors.. I stop my physical movement but my awareness begins a journey of its own. There is a slight tug as I am lifted free from the physical form.. I see or feel a quietness. I take in all that is a part of me, as I recognize my part in all. My consciousness sees yours .. Your consciousness helps guide mine to a state of being and wellness. Much like a dance, we exchange the thought of eternal awareness.. We each decide when we are ready to step free of our physical form.. There are many moments in human lives that breath is suspended and awareness shifts and the decision is made to stay or go.. The process takes you to a place where you recognize yourself and all the pieces of yourself.. you are no longer one, you are many.. and you recognize the countless pieces of yourself, and the pull of spirit , the kinship of all.. it is a curious state to go from imagining you are one to finding out you are many. Discovering the many is the next step of your eternal awareness .. The many are all the lives lived. You are coming closer to the source .. coming closer to your understanding that each sliver of the human consciousness is replayed and touched by pure love. We ask you to just experience the gifts of the moment. The many pieces and the solitude. It doesn’t matter where your consciousness rests.. At times you may experience one life cycle as a desert plant complete. You may experience yourself discovering love for the first time. It is the awareness of watching the pieces of pure potential, that holds eternal peace.. It is the knowing of every cycle, every thought, of all that is, that fills the space between thoughts and lives. It is the absence of thoughts and potential that carries our creation.

End of channel

This channel / meditation was very interesting. I’m still making sense of what was shared with me. The magnitude of it. Right before or after the meditation, I had a full conversation with one of my family members. I remember absolutely nothing of it. Occasionally , it takes time for me to bring all my awareness back here.


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