Emotional Contagion – What Energy Are You Spreading?

woman-3084129_1280 Emotional Contagion – What Energy Are You Spreading?

I’ve been immersed in a lot of reading lately looking for new ways to compassionately work with the more difficult energies that are causing our most recent chaotic astro weather. I’m excited to share some great solutions this week for staying conscious and connected. But first, let’s talk about the energies that can be challenging.


In case you’re not aware of the celestial weather report, here it is in brief (and hopefully some comic relief).


ln the sky we have a dance between the Moon, Saturn and Mars kind of like 3 people trying to dance together while listening to very different music. We have last week’s full Strawberry moon calling us to find a new solution to past issues, looking for new gentler steps (that won’t be so hard on our knees and hips!), while dancing with the frustrating challenges of the Mars retrograde which in turn is asking us to slow down our reactivity and avoid giving into the desire for random high kicks in the middle of a chacha when you will likely kick your reluctant partner in the head, with the need for more self- discipline around our triggers as the Saturn square may bring up old unresolved issues with authority. What? You want me to dance by your rules? Ah no. You want me to waltz, I am gonna line dance to heavy metal music while screaming at whoever is in charge.


So there.


I’m sure you either know someone like this or have succumbed yourself (temporarily of course!)


Everyone is feeling this and you can see it everywhere especially where groups gather. Choose your subject as you can apply this anywhere right now, as this is also an important galvanizing energy that needs to be directed in a way that helps evolve and bring one closer to positive and healing solutions rather than create more dissension. That will be everyone’s challenge and no we can’t stay in bed for a month with the covers over our heads. Compassion, forgiveness, and kindness are the three most important energies to foster now with commitment and awareness, even if you think Mars has a better idea. It’s written in the stars that for the next few weeks mars is going to need plenty of cold showers before leaving the house.


It’s one of the reasons I believe in working with the protocols I have learned over the years like emotional freedom technique, sincerely working with the Ho’oponopono prayer, taking salt baths, taking breaks from social media, and choosing how much time to allot to it since it can be so distracting.  Staying informed is important but so is being mindful of adding spiritual, mental and emotional nourishment to the menu.


I spent an entire day reading author and science researcher Dawson Church’s latest gem that addresses all of this and is so needed now called Mind to Matter. In it, he deftly explains how the mind creates material reality and describes the issue of emotional contagion which in a negative destructive way can move through a group like a brushfire. Much like mob psychology becomes a potentially devastating thought virus it’s easy to lose your own sense of identity, values, and direction when sucked into this kind of vortex. Yet, while this darker story of emotional contagion is true, the opposite is true too.


If you are willing to find a different and practical solution to help you not only work with the energies and find a new compassionate solution then Mind to Matter is the book to read. Dawson created a technique that blends EFT (emotional freedom technique, or tapping) with meditation called Eco meditation and you can go to his website and learn it right away. All the research he and other scientists have gathered points to massive changes possible in the outer world when you can bring yourself into heart coherence with the planet and each other. It’s like harnessing Hope and Love then spreading it just by feeling it consciously in a 20-minute meditation. Regardless of what appears to be on our current evolutionary social screens, we can project these feelings out as easily as the nasty regressive feelings we have. It’s a miraculous feeling and my new go-to daily practice. And, it is contagious!! Everything is energy and anything really is possible when you commit to working with energy in a positive way.


So as this is what the moon is inviting and the best way to slow down to work with Mars and Saturn I’m going to invite you to try it for the next week. Go learn eco meditation on www.ecomeditation.com!


Each day is a new beginning and for 24 hours only you can commit to the energy you play with. Stay in the solution and have a sense of humor regardless of how many mistakes you make now. No one is exempt from this cycle but life is short. You decide how you want to live it.


I want hope, love, creativity, gratitude, forgiveness, and fun to be my emotional contagion!  You?

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