Essential Communion: Inner and Outer Technology

We are in a time of collective consciousness trying to preserve separation and polarity as the truth. Simultaneously we are uncovering the structure and dynamics of union, of both/and, of the inner technologies of the 7 layer liquid crystal oscillator which is our heart and the match of outer ARK crystal and other technologies. This communion is ancient, ongoing and infinite.

At this time in our conscious evolution and spiritual/physical/Cosmic alchemy, we stand on the event horizon of Truth, mystery and deep fusion of great possibility that is embedded within our cellular and DNA already. There is no striving or manifesting of such for it is who we are and part of us inextricably. 

I  included a link to a clip of Nassim Haramein of The Resonance Science Foundation recorded a few years ago with profound inspiration and a formula for our inherent evolution and future.

Nassim is a brilliant physicist and deep heart friend and colleague. I  am an Emissary, teacher of Unified Field, involved with the academy and delegates in 80 countries marrying the inner technologies of the heart and the outer resonant technologies.  Deepwave love and peace to you all as we walk together on this planet into a bright, beautiful future that we create and know is possible. Lets do this!
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