Getting Deeply in Touch with the Divine

divinenatue Getting Deeply in Touch with the Divine

When I read the morning news, most of what I see are stories about people wanting to move past the pandemic. They’d like things to return to normal; they’d like things to be the way they were before. 

This is true even for people who were terribly unhappy with their lives, because for them the comfort of the known far outweighs the fear of the unknown.

But there are others who see a gift resting quietly in the misfortune and sadness that enfolds the Earth. 

Certainly, those who feel there’s a gift within this crisis also hold great compassion for those in pain, and they lovingly appreciate the souls who, on some level mysteriously unknown to us, have agreed to leave the planet during this pandemic.

But there is more going on than the universal opening of hearts to others. Much more.  

I’m hearing stories of people who are increasingly finding time to go deeply within, to commune with the Source of All that Is. Here at Humanity’s Team we call this the Divine.   

What a blessing it is that something so positive can rest side-by-side with a moment that is so incredibly challenging for so many. 

Are you able to feel into this blessing of deeper relationship and communion with the Divine?

Are the gifts of this time becoming apparent to you?

Importantly, the internal whispers I’m receiving are not about materiality or prosperity, though those types of gifts continue to bless me, my family, and my work.

Instead, the messages are about how we may sit in an attitude of reverence. About truly seeing the Divine expression and incorporating whole new ways of embracing and nurturing life.  

I first came across similar ideas in 2004 while reading the book Tomorrow’s God by Neale Donald Walsch. On that first reading, the impact on me was profound.

When I read those same words now, the volume is turned all the way up. In fact, it’s as if the messages reverberate off walls, ricocheting here, there and everywhere, almost as if to say, “There is a time for everything. Perhaps the time for these messages has arrived.” 

Because they are still so profoundly affecting me, I’d like to share some of these messages from Tomorrow’s God with you now...

  • Experience the Divine as both Creator and Created. 
  • Tomorrow’s God (Maybe now we call this Today’s God)…talks to everyone all the time.
  • Some say seeing is believing but I tell you believing is seeing. 
  • God is the Source of all Love. 
  • God is separate from nothing, but is the All in All, the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End, the Sum Total of Everything that ever was. 
  • You must decide that you are separate from nothing and act that way. One day you will be there and you will have crossed the dividing line. 
  • The message that God is separate from nothing is a radical message.  
  • Perhaps it is the single most important message of the New Spirituality…It is the missing message. 
  • The world will change overnight…the idea that you and all humans are One with God and all life is psychologically and spiritually revolutionary.
  • The day of atonement, that is at-ONE-ment is near at hand.”

What these messages tell us is that God and Life are two sides of one coin but often we don’t see it that way. This is where we’ve come off the tracks in contemporary living. 

Many for example pray to a distant God seeming to exist in the sky far above the clouds, but that type of God has no connection to the Earth. Certainly, with that type of devotion, there is not the recognition that the Divine is actually embodied in the Earth, in each person, and in all of life. 

Others pray for the Earth as something sacred but separate from the Divine. There is a sense that we must do a better job of stewarding this planet — a precious gift given to us — but there is no sense in that type of dedication that the Divine dwells deeply within the Earth and that the Earth herself has a soul. 

What if instead of seeing them as two separate things, we could see the face of the Divine in Life and see Life in the face of the Divine?  

What if we were to renew and restore our connection with the Divine and each other?  

What if we were to not only believe that the day of “at-ONE-ment is near at hand,” but also deeply experience this true Oneness and Connection to All?  

I feel this renewal and restoration in times of quiet meditation and prayer, and I hear the Divine whispering these messages of reverence and inspiration in my direction.

Do you?

If humanity were to believe these messages, just imagine the implications.

Do you think we’d continue the pursuit of materiality at all costs? Would we speed by our children and nature in a constant race against time throughout the day? 

If we believed, truly believed, that “God is separate from nothing” and “God is the Source of all Love,” might we voluntarily push the reset button as we come out of this economic pause and together — as individuals and as the collective — move in a whole new direction? 

Do you think we’d become more present? Take more time to feel into the beauty and blessing in our homes, in our interactions with co-workers, when we walk our dog, when we look out at nature?   

I’d love to hear the things that are on your heart when you take the time to commune with the Source of All that Is, or as I say, the Divine. If you like the idea, please take a moment to share. 

From all of us in Humanity’s Team, thank you for your presence and your heart! 

I believe we would.

In service to conscious evolution,


Steve Farrell

Worldwide Executive Director

Humanity’s Team

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