How to play your role during these severely challenging times - coronavirus

woman-hands-holding-burning-heartshaped-candle-picture-id1156845105 How to play your role during these severely challenging times - coronavirus

I know how challenging things must be in your home, your office and in your life. Most people I know feel they are on an emotional roller coaster due to the Coronavirus and fears surrounding their health and economic well-being.

At times like this we can be severely tested. We can feel things are falling apart even though our faith in the Divine says things are falling together. 

If we stay centered in our relationship with the Divine (there is no separation) and we feel deeply into our own connection to Presence, we will find all the things we thought had gone missing.

We will find certainty.  

We will find inner wisdom that will guide us.  
And we will find our calling to support those who need our assistance. 
In this process, the Divine acts as a rock imparting an other-worldly strength. The emotional whirlwind diminishes and then recedes entirely. You will come to rest. 

Please take a few breaths into the Divine right this moment. Breath deeply into the loving energy of the Divine and exhale fear and uncertainty. Do this until you come to a place of peace and centeredness. 

Now, we are ready to discard any sense of panic and hold firmly to Divine guidance and processes that support our health, connection to our family and loved ones, and long-term financial well-being.

Along with trust, we should also always make smart choices. Best practices are emerging including physical social isolation wherever possible, frequent hand-washing, and online social participation, shopping and other activities. 

Certainly, we want to adopt these practices and other practices that thwart the virus and protect us and our family.

Perhaps you’ve heard some of the wise elders who are speaking up now saying “If you’ve been around as long as me, you’ve seen this and other things like it.”  

They are sharing, “This too shall pass.”

In the weeks and months ahead, things will settle down and come back to center.  

Peace will be restored. 

Your faith will be rewarded by fact.

Now, while there is severe challenge, let’s play our role as the extension of the Divine that we are. Let’s come to peace within ourselves and let’s extend that peace to others. 

Let’s be a candle placed on a stand giving light to all in the room that our actions may glorify our Heavenly Father/Mother.

You are that.

With love and in peace,
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