I Couldn’t Breathe… and then I Remembered ( tips for staying sane in these insane times)


This past week has been a blur.

Have you ever felt that you’ve been swept up in a tornado of feelings that you can’t control and don’t even know the source?

It’s been surreal if you think about everything that has happened in the past month alone- a relentless tsunami of suffering and tragedy- all of it real, all of it needing to count.

Which do you pick? The devastation in the Caribbean? Texas? Louisiana? Las Vegas? Or should we look overseas?

I live here in North America and so what happens closest to me is on the news and I’m more exposed to the locale but this is all but a snapshot symbol of a deep insistent global pain, that we feel rising up from an unknown space within us, and we don’t even know what to call it and we resist it by deflecting it through rage and apathy, fear and denial.

But it’s all about waking us up – to what lies beyond this nameless pain.

This is the machination of Fate .. that which we can’t control, calling us into a Great Destiny of Compassion and empathy if we remain awake and let the pain break us open.

Fate is not our enemy.  

How many desire a better life- a safe and prosperous life, one with meaning and hope and fairness and love?

The turmoil we all feel right now is real as the world unravels and reveals the shadow side of humanity. Regardless of our desires and intentions, when the whole world is shifting in response to its own imbalances we are going to see many dark things unearthed.

Yesterday I couldn’t breathe from the anxiety and suffering and powerlessness and then I stopped fighting it and let it rush through me and I remembered that this at some deeper level yet this world is ripe for transformation.

All is not lost!

These experiences are leading us to healing although it feels as if there are more open wounds than before! Let these events, these harsh hurts break our hearts wide open, let these call us out to commit to LIGHT and to SHINE that LIGHT into the world.

Compassion is not a theory, care for each other, for animals and the planet we live on is not some granola grinder crystal bunny New age gobbledygook.

Stand up for what you believe in – do no harm- course correct if you must and walk your talk.

Yes it hurts like hell , if you feel the world as I do, and tune into its deep pain you may fall apart, even want to hide, eat too much to escape or whatever else you do, but once you do, allowing yourself the grace of the grief and some time to regroup then it’s up to us to take action. We can’t go back to ” the way things were”.

We are being ushered into the Uncharted territories of a new world.  

Stay awake. Do one thing to reduce the suffering of someone else, – every sentient being deserves our care.

Life is so brief, and we are but blinks of light amongst millions that have sparked in the aeons. Make your Light count.

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