Keep On Keep Choosing the Light!


Light workers, playfulness players keep trusting. Each thought, feeling, and intention you exude in colorful miracle, musical sincerity, sweet scent of many flowers and plants,  into this world has repercussions far beyond.  The lilies in the compost are loud singers to the listening ear, bright and here.


We learn from contrasts on planet earth so each appearance of reality is either a celebration of the good, or invite into greater creation of the good. Hallelujah!


The dogmas that stop the flow are simply guidelines for people in developmental stages requiring these rules of learning, prior to surrendering into the sun. Patience for all.

The cats and dogs, frogs and whales, spiders and angels all have your back as you theirs.

Mother earth is far stronger than any of us and knows her own path. Relax.


Every thought and feeling into disharmony is loved as an experiment to redirect us into deeper harmony. Ya hoo!


We each are encapsulated in a unique universe so re-tune yours and all others are prospered.



Wherever you are strategically placed on the planet is to strengthen you and all the yous.



Your intentions create your being.

Every moment we can choose another direction inside.


Those involved in measuring numbers instead of people, portraying one thing on stage and another elsewhere, ignoring the shadow with spiritual lingo. are to be forgiven. Fragile people. Live your creation as you accept while releasing others' that do not feel resonant to their own art projects.  Room for each of us to grow.


Receive as much and more than you give so you forever operate from  a surplus. Glorifying martyrdom and sacrifice won't work well! Sacrifice only in love and then there is no sacrifice.

Hear the music.


Love each organ, thought, experience back into love.

Generate the reality.


Keep choosing to generate in positives.  Speaks for itself.


When  someone playing discordant charades shows up in your space, enjoy comedy and refocus.

Clear eyes.


Namaste and Meow,


Dr. Laurie Moore with The Light Brother Cats

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