It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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Mindfulness, Trust and Surrender


You have been conditioned to attempt to control life, to mold it into shape, to be the master of conditions and to be in charge of your life. So you are constantly trying to fix and change what is in order to assert control to create an outcome. This process arises from fear and lack of trust. You fear that if you lose control life will spin further out of control and all that you have built and struggled to create will disintegrate before your eyes. You fear the future because you have no trust or belief in the fact that life is looking out for you, unfolding and happening for you, for your evolution, for your expansion and for the expansion of your happiness and awakening.

You watch life and see that, when left alone, life falls apart. If you don’t take care of your house, it becomes shabby and derelict. If you don’t take care of your body, it becomes dirty and disease ridden. If you don’t put energy into your business, it goes into bankruptcy. So you assert control and, to some extent, it works.

But if you feel deeper into this idea of control you will see that it reaches beyond giving energy to something in order to make it thrive. It is true that if you give energy to something it will thrive and this is beneficial. It is the attachment to an outcome that creates the problems and suffering.

It is necessary in life to put your intelligence and energy into furthering your fullest expression in the world and restoring inner connection. But when you add attachment to a particular outcome you are limiting your possibilities. You are limiting receiving. Surrender allows receiving.

When you are connected within, you tap into the intelligence and power of the universe and the field of unlimited possibilities. Then you do not need to control outcomes and results. You can let go of attachment and surrender to what is perfectly unfolding.

It is natural to desire things. Your desires are actually your nature expressing. Your nature is love and you desire love. Your nature is joy and you desire joy. Your nature is abundance and you desire to be abundant. So desire is natural and healthy. You feel it should look a certain way. It should include a certain person, place or thing. The abundance should have this many zeros after it. The love should be six feet tall and the joy should include the house, car, job and family. You have completely limited receiving through your attachment to the outcome.

Become mindful of how you limit your receiving. Open to unlimited possibilities and receive them all. Stop limiting all that the universe wants you to have. This can only happen when you let go of your attachment to outcomes, your defining possibilities, your resisting ‘what is’ and your living in lack and limitation. Surrender allows you to free yourself from self-limiting beliefs and ways of thinking.

Surrender is freedom. It is acceptance of a universe working for you. It is allowing all that the universe wants you to have to come into your life. Surrender is an opening up to the energy of creative intelligence and power. When you are defining outcomes and attaching your happiness and fulfillment to achieving those outcomes, you suffer. Trust is required and that can initially feel fearful when you begin to release control, resistance and attachment. Surrender to all the changes and watch how possibilities present themselves. Watch for the gifts that arrive. See the unfolding consciously.

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