You're Part Of A Greater System Of Energy

You're Part Of A Greater System Of Energy You're Part Of A Greater System Of Energy

Have you ever had the experience of wanting something to work out sooooo much? You come up with an action plan, make a wish, keep praying, and visualize. You’d even do a rain dance if you had to. Yet, all the signs from the Universe are telling you to let go and stop putting your goals ahead of your relationships and the world around you. When you’re tired of all the fighting and you’re finally present in the “not knowing” of the mystery, the Divine leads you to your highest outcome… one that is often better than what you first wished for.

Humility is that place within you that understands you’re not alone and cannot live in isolation. Rather, you’re part of a greater system of energy—from your relationships and community to the Divine and All That Is. You receive information that does not come directly from you or your own personal knowledge, but instead through this greater system. And as part of this web, you also cannot just make things happen on your own, even if you keep trying to manifest and use the law of attraction. (I know, that can be a tough concept to digest.) 


Connection is the ultimate realm of intuition and a reminder that you are part of a greater community.

With humility, you can maintain your connection with the conscious universe no matter how tough life might seem. It entails letting go of control, surrendering to the present, and being grateful for all of your experiences… even the tough aspects of your life. So, if you’re worrying about whether you’ll attain your goal or feeling stuck, humility asks you to bless all of your experiences. With acceptance and a grateful attitude, you open yourself to Divine guidance.

Humility also asks you to remain open and share your own gifts and abilities with the world without placing conditions on what you want in return. It asks you to live by example and put your focus on others. This means, rising above victim consciousness and recognizing that we’re all in this together; even though each of us is unique, we’ve all had our own ups and downs.

I often joke that most of the goals I’ve surrendered have had my claw marks all over it. For example, you may have heard me talk about my dream to be a recording artist. I first did intuitive readings on the side while I prayed and prayed for my music career to take off. No matter how much I tried and pushed to make it happen, it just didn’t. But, the phone kept ringing for readings. It was clear that the Divine had other plans for me. So, I finally surrendered to just be in service to others. That humility led me to a where I am today—with a career that not only helps others, but I also love. I get to explore my creative side by making amazing divination systems in the form of oracle cards! And, ironically I did eventually get the record deal after I let it go and I am working on another music CD now too- crazy right?

Sometimes the greatest adventure is found through surrendering to not knowing and just being.


Practice being grateful and of service:

Write down five things you’re grateful for every night for a week. And, ask yourself how you can be more of service to others. You might even acknowledge someone in your life you’re grateful for. (Perhaps bring flowers to the hardworking barista at your coffee shop, help your neighbor with their trash, or send a card to a family member or friend.)

Let go and let God:

What do you need to let go of? Write a letter to Spirit/God/ Goddess/ The Universe/ whatever name feels right for you- about your situation. Acknowledge that you’re letting go of control and pray for guidance. Whenever I get stuck, I turn to my own oracle cards for guidance, but not until I have released my hold of a desired outcome, and ask with humility for guidance.

Much Love,


“ Anything is possible when you open your connection to the Universe

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