Step Away From The Gizmo Zone And Find Peace

gizmoworld Step Away From The Gizmo Zone And Find Peace

We are getting into February and still thinking of the New Year in terms of rejuvenating, here I feel that the mind, body, spirit connect is essential.

Earlier for me, the evolution of the mind and soul seemed to be of the utmost importance, and my "divine love" seeking spirit, spent every iota of my breathtaking Self, in evolving at that level only. But I feel now that, as my own Consciousness and awareness changes, it is very important for me to share with my readers, the importance of improving our physical bodies.

Since it is the body that houses the mind and the soul, keeping ourselves physically healthy is very important as our mental and emotional health is directly dependent on our physical health. The body is the temple of the spirit, it really needs to be treated with adequate respect and reverence.

Physical fitness on every scale seems to have touched a new level of existence and persistence. As our awareness rises, health stores, health foods, fitness gear, gyms etc seem to take over other forms of amusing ourselves. I do realize that most of us are lazy about going to the gym or taking a walk. Our Social Media addicted minds, need some very convincing logistics to lure us away from our gizmos.

Work, money and entertainment for ourselves is what keeps us gainfully employed twenty four seven. I will recommend a simple way of stepping away from our gizmo zone and trying to reap the benefits of our true connect with divinity.


It is very important that we first experiment with our own selves, find our niche in the physical fitness world, what is it that makes our bodies want to seek that feel of bubbling health. Take it slow and be easy on yourself. Do experience different ways of creating an intermittent relationship between hard core physical exercise and taking a walk in nature.


It is very essential to commit to yourself, that you will take a walk at your set target time and place. You need to delegate your time and make a schedule for yourself.


It is considered as one of the best stress relief measures. But it has become a cliched word, which the modern generation in this fast paced world, don't have the patience with. Nor can they even relate to it.

My main aim is to suggest a way of combining the benefits of exercise with the benefits of meditation, for true stress relief.


For people who find meditation too boring, and physical fitness too exacting, I suggest the comfortable pace of a walk. This can be a very relaxing way of stepping into a new fitness routine.


Since we are connecting mind, body and spirit, I will suggest you a few ways on how to get started with this easy to follow fitness regimen.

Time required is only 10 to 30 minutes which is easily affordable with even the busiest types.

1. Get into comfortable clothes. If you are the trendy type, go to a fitness store and buy some new ones. Wearing good clothes has a feel good factor, essential for stress relief.

2. Wear the right shoes. Keeping your feet comfortable is extremely essential.

3. Walk at a comfortable pace. Focus on the sensation in your body as you walk. Swing your arms so that all parts of your body feel that sense of rejuvenation.

Don't worry about your pace, keeping yourself feeling comfortable, feeling the flow of beautiful thoughts coming and going, this is your meditation.

4. Focus on keeping your breath and your steps coordinated.


Use a mantra as you walk. You are reaping a double benefit here, this is true mind and body Co ordination.


Walking in Nature, sometimes could be distracting to the mind. You need to redirect your breathing back to the mind.

Savor every physical sensation of your walk. This is a good way of training your mind to focus on one thing at a time. This activity in itself is a true meditation.

This coordination will help in creating:

1. Mental and emotional space between you and the stressors.

2. Help in gaining perspective and getting your bearings right.

3. Helps in reversing the stress response

4. Long term benefits of building resilience against stress.

This is really a lovely way of keeping the mind and body coordinated, healthy and stress free.

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