Stress of student life and how to lighten the load

student-stress Stress of student life and how to lighten the load

With exams around the corner, I have so many students and parents coming in with their stress related queries, that I feel addressing this issue, by giving a general overview of this type of a stressful situation is imperative.

Most students on a survey reported that they felt completely overwhelmed by stress. In today's fast track competitive world, they feel their stress levels are definitely exceeding their ability to cope with stress. They felt their lives completely negatively affected in terms of their sleep patterns, eating habits, and their exercising habits.

A study conducted by the American Psychological Association found that much of the college stress had it's origins in high school. Chronic stress persists and continues to travel with them to college years and leads to academic disengagement and in some cases even mental health issues.

High school students of course carry immense pressure due to trying to make career choices and other important life changing plans for their futures. The main issue they are battling of course is competition.


So much time and intensity goes into amassing lots of extra curricula and conducting various other activities, apart from just studying for the exams.


A more challenging workload is ahead, so making the right choices is essential, this can get stressful. It is a completely a new journey on a new untried path. Students feel that newer type of stress relievers are required, to help facilitate the student to lead a happy and stress free life.

Of course examination days are stressful times, but in today's fast track world, stress is an issue we need to address even in our daily student life.


One of the key factors for a student is to divide his time correctly. Students have a tight schedule compromising of studying, homework and extra curricular activities. They need to plan and divide their time according to its relevance in their schedules and their own priorities.

Of course, stress gauged on its own, has very common and similar issues, yet, I feel that as students are literally the lifeline of the Globe, and the future of the Planet. It is essential that their mental and emotional health, must be adequately cared for. Stress takes a toll on not only the mental health, but the physical health too. We need to see to it that we keep our students minds and consequently their bodies, stress free.


Whenever stressful thoughts start running in the mind, you need to mentally take charge. Stop the racing ideas constantly. Take a long, deep breath, this helps to calm down. It is particularly helpful just before entering the exam hall, or whenever stress is overwhelming you. Stress can be recognized in the following situations

1. Hyperventilation

2. Panic disorders

3. Sleep problems

4. Feeling of tension

5. Chronic fatigue

6. Headaches


This detaches us from our immediate environmental scenario and takes us to a beautiful and calm space. It is free therapy and extremely relaxing. You come back to your immediate environment, feeling calm, peaceful and ready to take on the world. Be capable of handling books and studies at a different level.


Students can work on an exercise schedule as a daily routine. It releases endorphins. It helps to regulate the body clock, and puts a level of enthusiasm and charge to the brain. It is easy to just take a walk around the campus. Even a bike ride is very rejuvenating. A regular exercise schedule, puts you into a fitness regimen for a lifetime.


In between study gaps, taking short power naps is very useful. Students have a habit of missing sleep. Long hours at your desk or with your books, puts you at a disadvantage. You become less productive and, find it difficult to learn and absorb knowledgeable information. A short quick nap, is very invigorating and sets you up for a fresh start, on all your studying.


The best stress reliever to my mind is music. This has even been proven by many studies. It has proven cognitive benefits. It calms your mind and stimulates it according to the requirement.

Play your favorite music to enhance your potential. Upbeat music charges your mood. To help you study well, slow melodies are relaxing for the mind.

Choose wisely to improve productivity.


Diet can boost the brain power functions beautifully. Correct diet is essential as a stress management technique and a study aid.

1. Mindless eating should be avoided

2. Wrong foods must not be eaten. Due to increase in the stress hormone cortisole, people crave wrong foods. High sugars and carbs. Avoid these.

3. Don't skip meals. This creates blood sugar imbalances, leading to mood swings, fatigue and poor concentration. Poor nutrition leads to lower immunity, so students will become more susceptible to infections. This in turn will actually increase stress levels.


Keep the environment clutter free. Clutter creates stress and decreases productivity. Keep soothing study area to facilitate productive behavior.


These are very helpful. Optimism creates better circumstances.

Positive self talk is a sure way to brighten your future. 

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