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Tai Chi Foundations

  • Teacher: Andy Barkworth
  • Released: 04/16/2018
  • Level: Beginner
  • Price: $ 49

Table of Contents

Bonus Video: Breath Better, Feel Better
Day 1: Optimizing Posture & Balance
Day 7: Connecting the Foundations


Rejuvenate and energize with this unique series set in majestic Sedona. Developing a Tai Chi practice improves your balance, coordination, and strength. Learn to relieve tension points in your body with flowing movements that help create a myofascial release.racticing. Tai Chi helps you to move through the world with grace and ease. 

Experience for yourself how people all over the world are optimizing their health with Tai Chi. These flowing exercises have been a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine for countless generations. Today, modern medicine recognizes Tai Chi as a form of integrative health. Originally created as a martial art, the Yang style of Tai Chi is now a defense for preventing injury. Learn the secrets to living longer and maintaining an active lifestyle.



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Unlimited: $ 49.00


Andy Barkworth

Andy Barkworth is a master level teacher in Phoenix, Arizona with over 25 years of study in the martial and healing arts. His life’s passion is to share with others the benefits of Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Kung Fu, Meditation, Reiki, and Energy Rejuvenation in a fun, practical, and easy way. Andy believes that everyone should have access to these life-changing experiences.

Andy founded On Path to create a resource for people to learn powerful practices in mind, body, and energy wellness. His vision is to help others achieve optimal health and living through customized: videos, personal sessions, classes, workshops, and events.

A life changing event for Andy was meeting his amazing teacher, A.S. Umar Sharif, MA. Grandmaster Sharif is the founder of the 7 Circles Systems of Kung Fu and Qi Gong. Andy continually trains and loves to attend events where the global community connects in learning, sharing, and transformation.

A great transformational experience for Andy was attending Panache Desai’s 2017 Global Gathering in Denver, Colorado. He was honored to have the opportunity to share Chi Kung energy sessions with Panache’s group that year. For the fourth year in a row, Andy was invited to teach his customized Chi Kung seminars at the Sedona Yoga Festival in 2018. These inspirational experiences speak to Andy’s Soul and reflect in the way he teaches.

The secret to Andy’s unique instructional style is in his true love and enthusiasm for teaching. He is always looking for creative ways to share the benefits of what he discovers from his practice with his students.

One of his students said: “Andy is like a vortex!  He has a swirling motion of positive energy spiraling all around him, and it leaves a measurable residual magnetism on every soul he touches. ”

Andy has touched hundreds of his students’ lives over the last 15 years of teaching. He teaches mind, body, and energy wellness classes in the Health & Exercise Science department at Paradise Valley Community College. Following in the footsteps of his teacher, Andy became the director of Grandmaster Sharif’s creation: the Teaching Healing Meditation for Stress Management Complementary Healthcare Certificate Program. Like his teacher, Andy continues to integrate the martial and healing arts with everyday life.

Life is a gift and a chance to explore the Self in connection with the One, the All, the Divine.

Enjoy Your Journey!

Courses by this teacher

Name Level Release Date
Tai Chi Foundations 04/16/2018
Bonus Video: Breath Better, Feel Better
Day 1: Optimizing Posture & Balance
Day 7: Connecting the Foundations