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Learn The Keys
to a Healthier LifeStyle

Rejuvenate and energize with this unique series set in majestic Sedona. Developing a Tai Chi practice improves your balance, coordination, and strength.

Learn to relieve tension points in your body with flowing movements that help create a myofascial release. Practicing Tai Chi helps you to move through the world with grace and ease.

Learn The Keys To A Healthier Lifestyle in this online class

With Master Tai Chi Teacher Andrew Barkworth

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Welcome to Tai Chi Foundations

We're pleased to announce Tai Chi Foundations online course with Master Tai Chi teacher Andrew Barkworth.

This gentle form of exercise originated in ancient China and can help maintain strength, flexibility, and balance. Health benefits include supporting:

• Greater aerobic capacity and muscle strength.

• More energy and stamina.

• Enhanced flexibility, balance, and agility.

• Lower blood pressure and improved heart health.

• Reduced Inflammation.

• Fewer falls.

Tai Chi: Integrative Health centuries in the making

Meet your instructor, master Tai Chi teacher
Andrew Barkworth

Tai Chi, considered an art, is easy to learn. Master teacher Andrew Barkworth will take you though the essential principles which include mind integrated with the body; control of movements and breathing; generating internal energy, & mindfulness.

Tai Chi Foundations This Program contains over an hour of video instruction, broken down in small segments, allowing you time for daily practice. Plus, you'll get a bonus video: Breathe Better, Feel Better with master Tai Chi teacher Andrew Barkworth.

Inside this program you will receive the following:

7 Powerful Video Teaching Modules from Master Tai Chi Teacher Andrew Barkworth

Module 1: Optimizing Posture & Balance

These unique exercises help you to develop body awareness. Learn self-correcting habits that will help you prevent injury and rejuvenate your musculoskeletal health. 

Module 2: Riding the Wave: Energy in Motion

Build energy with this full body exercise. Learn the keys to boosting your cardiovascular health. These simple fluid movements are a great way to release tension. 

Module 3: Light Leg: Developing Graceful Balance 

Increase your level of balance quickly with exercises that makes you light on your feet.  Build muscle memory in your legs to maximize your equilibrium recovery.

Module 4  Tiger’s Jaw: Enhancing Flexibility & Balance 

Strengthen you core and release tension from your spine to increase your flexibility. Have fun with the balancing and twisting movements of Tiger’s Jaw.

Module 5  Bow & Arrow: Strength & Stability

Prevent strain and injury by conditioning your lower body. This easy-to-follow exercise increases your mobility and strengthens your legs. 

Module 6  Parting the Horse’s Mane: Coordination in Motion

These exercises help you build greater motor control. Increase your coordination with flowing movements that get your arms and legs moving in harmony.

Module 7   Connecting The Foundations

Combine all of your foundational exercises by learning to flow from one movement to the next. Experience all the benefits from each exercise in one practice.

Bonus Module  Breath Better, Feel Better

Relieve stress, increase your energy, improve general health and reduce tension with the core breathing techniques taught by Tai Chi master teacher Andrew Barkworth. These breathing techniques are used throughout the 7 lesson Tai Chi Foundational Program: Tai Chi Foundations.

"Tai chi does not mean oriental wisdom or something exotic. It is the wisdom of your own senses, your own mind and body together as one process." - Chungliang Al Huang

Your Time Is Now!

Learn The Keys To A Healthier LifeStyle

Relieve tension points in your body with flowing movements
that help create a myofascial release.

A Self-Love Practice for Releasing Stress. Are you Ready?