The Alchemy of Intention ~ We are changing the world

water-drops-on-green-leaf-picture-id125143094 We are all here to play our part!

Last week I wrote to you about how the choice we make to be in true, conscious Relationship with the Divine manifests not only as a covenant with the One Presence, but also with one another. 

I also talked about how being in conscious Relationship inspires a decision to be in service to all of life—including other people, nature, our planet, and our own Divine Self. 

Ever since I put those words to paper (so to speak), I’ve wondered about the people in our community, and in the world, who aren’t yet sure what that broader view of service looks like.

They may sometimes feel uplifted and inspired…

They may have experienced an inkling of personal transformation…

They may even have developed a mental strategy of what they might do.

But do they have the willingness to go from a deep feeling of Relationship and a personal plan for change into a mature and disciplined life of consistent asking, receiving, and giving?

What I’ve seen, both from my own experience and that of my colleagues here at Humanity’s Team, is that to truly be in service—in a way that is healing for all, at all times—requires an alchemy of intention.

This means that by holding a general intention to always intend that which is aligned with Love, Truth, and Joy, we literally enter into an ongoing state of conversion. 

Any observed chaos is anchored in Presence and transformed into balance.

Any noticed resistance is held in Blessing and transmuted into harmony.

Through the power of Love, we participate in metaphysical mastery, as each perfectly aligned intention balances any and all things still held in opposition and separation.

This is what it means to be in service to all. We maintain the momentum of our service through our disciplined hearts, remembering to take time each day to reside in deep, inner stillness, consciously nurturing our Relationship with the Divine. From this state of being, we uncover our unique, special role of service.

In my life, service is my spiritual ministry. And it can be yours too, if you’re willing to commit to the One Presence and listen for Universal Inspiration before taking action.

In the darkness of a quiet mind or in a moment of supreme appreciation in nature, you’re guided to your unique role that is in service to the world in some small or large way. The magnitude of the expression matters not. What’s important is the heart from which the intention for service arises.

As more and more of us claim our identity as aspects of Divine Presence and align in true Relationship, we begin to see balance restored in areas where disparity seemingly reigns: politics, economics, healthcare, justice systems—even pockets of spirituality that remain dual in nature.

We come together in a unified expression of Oneness immersed in Love and prospering beyond our wildest dreams.

In complete support of one another, we overcome shyness and hesitancy. We move past self-made obstacles sitting in the way of our own well-being. We feel energetic and filled with passion.

People sometimes ask me how I maintain my passion for the work we do here at Humanity’s Team after so many years, and I always say that the real coal I throw into the burner is my spiritual practice. This is not a one-time-a-day event. Rather it includes my morning prayer, my bike rides and walks with the family, meals shared, details of the workday, conversations throughout the day, and nighttime rest.

When residing in true Relationship with the Divine, there is no separation between what is spiritual and what is not. Each and every part of the whole is part of the unfolding, part of the Ultimate Plan of Goodness.

We are all here to play our part!

In our deepest hearts, we know we have power beyond anything manifested thus far. 

We know the feeling of upliftment and inspiration...

We’ve experienced inklings of personal transformation... 

And we’ve spent plenty of time in our heads developing plans for our life.

Why? Because we sense there is a plan and we’re trying with all our might to figure out what it is.

Yes, there is a plan. A Divine plan that’s unfolding before our very eyes, patiently waiting for us to realize our place and our part. But let’s remember, we don’t have to do any of this on our own!

Waiting for only the slightest and quietest invitation—though the invitation may certainly manifest as big and bold—Beings from throughout the Cosmos meet us in this Now moment and offer their assistance, hold us in a loving, warm embrace, work with us and through us to heal that which is unhealed and to forgive that which is unforgiven.

Will you join with me in a more mature and disciplined life of consistent asking, receiving, and giving? It merely requires the one simple choice to be in Relationship with the Divine.

As we stand together in conscious awareness of One Presence, we naturally co-create with higher purpose, achieve higher outcome, and relax in the knowing that we are not alone.

In Oneness and Love,


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