The Answer is Always YOU!

little-girl-in-autumn-park-picture-id585775228 The Answer is Always YOU!

When the odds are 1 in 1 million…be that one!

Learn to bet on yourself by cultivating a Divine connection with you. We relate to life through relationships. So why is cultivating a relationship with yourself important? My beloved brother Michael once told me, “When you fall so in love with yourself, the world will have no other choice BUT to fall in love with you.” Learning to respect, honor, and trust yourself will set the tone for every relationship you will have. Because you are literally the reflection of each person that you are in relationship with. Can you see that?

You can never have a relationship with another based on love, mutual respect, and collaboration if you are not loving, respecting, or collaborating with yourself. So who are you?

Take a deep centering breath and ponder this one question... Who am I? Not who the world wants me to be. Not the titles-whether they were given to you or self-imposed. Not your affiliation to or with? Do I like myself? Do I love myself? Do I really trust in the power of the unconditional love of God. This energy and essence that permeates everything.

I’m going to tell you who I know you are! You are Beings of light and hope. Prosperity, abundance, happiness, joy. For my birthday, my friend Greg sent me this song. He said it reminded him of me…Extraordinary Being by Emeli Sande…Are you familiar with the lyrics?

The song begins with…

“You are what God imagined, you are a true perfection

Baby, you're made of stars, don't let nobody tell you different
You are a lot of soul, mixed with a lot of magic
Look how the sky turns gold every time you're dancing
You deserve all the love, why don't you let it in?
Don't punish who you are for who once you have been
You've got a heart of fire, it's gonna take you higher
Just let it flow, look at you glow, you gotta know
That you're an extraordinary being
You deserve peace of mind, you deserve all the laughter
You are one of a kind, you deserve happy ever after
you're an extraordinary being”

As I continue to spiritually mature, I often have to remind myself about my own power to craft and the shape the life I want to live. The primary reason why we suffer is because we have forgotten who we are as spiritual beings. We are heirs to every Good thing that this Universe has. It would be like Prince Harry forgetting that he’s royalty and doing his own grocery shopping or laundry like a commoner.

When you begin to cultivate and nurture your Divine connection with yourself, you begin to understand your royal status and you go from struggling and surviving to vitality and thriving. How many are tired of “just to get by? Fake it until you make it?”

There is a new level of living available to all of us. Nurturing a relationship with your authentic self is like planting seeds for your future.

Spending time with you helps you discover your essential essence and power. Here are four simple strategies to cultivate a divine connection with yourself.

Learn to use the Power of I AM

I AM is your spiritual name. Whatever you attach your I AM to is what you attract. If you affirm that I AM prosperous, whole, and healthy. Your life begins to reflect prosperity, wholeness, and vitality. Always use your I AM in the affirmation.

Begin to PRAISE all the things you love about yourself

We can all look at the things we don’t like about ourselves but I know what you praise you raise. I have three older sisters and when I was younger I used to take aspects of them and wish they were mine. I wanted Jessica’s legs. So pretty, even toned no scraps. I wanted Denise lips full beautiful just like my grandmother’s. I wanted Margaret’s nose. And one day my grandmother, Ethel said I love your skin. Dark brown, beautiful even toned and I was like wow, she loves my skin. I hadn’t even ever thought to love my skin. Bottom line don’t take for granted what makes you unique. That’s your ticket baby. Learn to love and appreciate it.

PRACTICE self-care until you feel it

Self-care is not selfish. It’s mandatory. Self-care is vital to your health and well-being. You cannot pour from an empty vessel. You must make time to refresh, reflect, and care for yourself.

DISCOVER all the things that turn you on

If it isn’t lightening up your life. It ought not be in it. Do something that you love. A spark of divine curiosity can ignite a fiery fierce flame to your passion and purpose. Turn yourself on. Set your life on divine fire and just watch how the Universe opens up to you.

Practice these strategies every day and watch how your life changes for the better, simply because you are learning to love, honor, and respect yourself.

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