The Art Of Sacred Self-Love

selfpleasure The Art Of Sacred Self-Love

May is International Masturbation Month.⁠ All month we celebrate the beauty and art of self-pleasure (also known as sacred masturbation). ⁠Do you allow yourself to enjoy pleasure? Pleasure nourishes your body and lights up your soul. 
Your body LOVES to be touched - by YOU.⁠ ⁠Are you lavishing your body with LOVE? ⁠

Self-pleasure is normal, natural, and one of the best ways to light your sexual fire. It boosts your self-love, happiness, health, and vitality.

Waiting on a partner to satisfy you is so out-of-style. You have the power to satisfy yourself! You can bring yourself earth-shattering pleasure and mind-blowing sex through solo self-pleasure. When you exercise that power, it will work magic in your life, including your confidence, health, happiness, career, and romantic relationship.

Honoring Your Body’s Needs

Sexual expression is just as important to our health as eating, drinking, and sleeping. However, most of us were taught from a young age that masturbation and sexuality were somehow dirty, bad, or wrong, which could not be farther from the truth. This misbelief has led to a LOT of shame about our bodies and sexuality.⁠ For many people, it has even shut down their body’s natural sexual desire.

When I was a young child, my aunt scolded me for touching my genitals (which I often did, because it soothed me and anchored me in my own soul essence). I was raised Catholic, and I was taught that masturbation was bad. This led to a great of inner conflict, because I had a natural instinct to bring myself pleasure. Touching myself felt grounding, sweet, and natural. 

Did I trust my body and honor its natural instincts? Or did I listen to authorities outside of myself to know was best for my body?

No wonder most of us have such a hard time trusting our intuition and listening to our body’s needs, whether it comes to food, rest, or sex. No outside rules or authority can tell us what is right for our bodies.

Masturbation is beautiful and sacred. The process of healing is a process of going within and learning to listen to your bodies' instincts and messages with LOVE. It involves giving yourself permission to feel sexual desire and express that sexual desire in a loving way. Your body is very wise - far wiser than any man-made rules or judgments. 

Are you ready to honor your body?⁠

Pleasure is Your Divine Birthright 

I absolutely love teaching people the art of sacred self-pleasure, because it lights them up. Somehow, we instinctively know that self-pleasure is good for us. Sexual pleasure and ALL forms of pleasure are your birthright. ⁠⁠It is your birthright to feel confident, comfortable, sexy, hot, and powerful in your body.

Are you ready for liberation and luscious LOVE of your body, sexuality, and authentic self? If so, make regular time for self-pleasure.


Benefits of Self-Pleasure 

1) Self-Care

Masturbation is a sacred form of self-care. Your sexuality is an important aspect of your health. When you masturbate, you are caring for your body, mind, and soul.


2) Self-Love

“Self-love, my liege, is not so vile a sin, as self-neglecting.” ― William Shakespeare, King Henry V.⁠

To thine own self be true. Show yourself some love by self-pleasuring. Loving yourself involves honoring your needs and showering yourself with pleasure and tenderness. Over time, your self-pleasure practice will strengthen your sense of self-love.  ⁠


3) Activates Your Inner Light

Self-pleasure is not just good for your body. It's good for your soul!

Your sexual energy is your life force energy. It's your soul essence flowing through your physical body.

Your soul’s purpose is to express its light in this world. Your soul is currently in physical form to experience the delightful journey of being human. That includes enjoying sexual pleasure! ⁠

When you enjoy sexual pleasure, your soul lights up. Sexual expression activates your own inner light. It opens your chakras, raises your vibration, and helps you feel happy and peaceful. Get to know your soul through your alone time in sexual self-pleasure.


4) Boost Your Creativity

Sexual self-pleasure clears your chakras and gets your creative juices flowing.⁠ Need a creative idea? Feeling stuck? Get into the bedroom and pleasure yourself. Your creativity will open right up.


5) Stress Relief

When you're stressed, stuck, foggy, frustrated, or fearful, enjoy some sexual self-pleasure. This can calm your nervous system, relieve stress, and clear your head. Stay calm and self-pleasure.


6) Reduce Cravings

Do you crave sweets, crunchy snacks, or other foods? Many food cravings are actually cravings for love and affection. Show yourself love and affection through self-pleasure, and watch the cravings fade away.


7) Rev Up Your Sex Life with Your Partner

If you have a partner, your alone time in self-pleasure can be an integral part of your overall sexual connection. It can light your sexual fire and rev up your desire for your partner. Self-pleasure makes you a better person and a better lover.


Steps to Sacred Self-Pleasure

Here’s how to make your self-pleasure time special. ⁠ 

1) Set the Scene

Create a nice atmosphere by lighting candles, playing music, taking a relaxing bath, or whatever helps you get in the mood.

2) Tease Yourself

Turn yourself ON by gently teasing or caressing your skin in a loving, seductive way. Passionately squeeze your arms, breasts, or legs as though you are filled with sexual desire.

3) Self-Massage

Next, massage your body with oil or lotion. Touch and massage wherever your body craves attention - your legs, hands, face, heartspace, breasts/chest, lower belly, feet, etc. Give your body the touch and love that it needs and deserves.   ⁠

4) Explore Your Genitals with Love

When you feel ready, touch your sacred genitals with tenderness and love. Explore your genitals with curiosity and joy, as though you have never touched them before. Take your time pleasuring yourself, with or without toys. Ask your body what it wants to experience and give that beautiful gift to yourself. ⁠

5) Have Fun

So many people think that sex has to be serious, but it can be fun and playful!⁠ Wear something sexy that turns you on. Try different toys. Let out some laughter. Take yourself on a fun sexual adventure, like self-pleasuring at night under the stars. Be creative and have fun.

Enjoy your self-pleasure time!

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