The Benefits of Nurturing Your Soul For a Life of Impact


Often at this time of year, people spend some time reflecting and feeling into the direction they’d like their lives to go, and efforts they’d like to take to get there.

Some people set goals to accomplish things or experience something on their bucket list, while others set goals to change habits that aren’t serving them.

Often people focus their goals on things they think will make them happier or healthier, like losing the quarantine fifteen and eating healthy, or exercising to stay, or become, physically fit.  

These kinds of goals are all well and good, but I’d like to offer another perspective: when you shift focus to nurturing your soul, you are much more apt to create the healthy life you are longing for—with or without the push-ups.  

In order to go beyond creating merely a healthy body, create time to focus on the things that matter: communing with the Divine, living as your larger self, loving yourself and others, and being of service to others. 

And the best thing about focusing in this way, is that not only will you find yourself joyful, happy, and fulfilled, but the benefits will extend to your loved ones and all those you spend your time with.

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