The Butterfly Effect

butterflyeffect The Butterfly Effect

The art of becoming is accomplished through an act of rebirth. As you continue to evolve as a spiritual creation that is constantly seeking growth and a heightened sense of awareness, the ability to navigate the process of rebirth becomes vitally essential.

I am so grateful to discuss rebirth and how the evolution of a butterfly’s journey from caterpillar to cocoon to gaining its wings to flying can provide important key aspects to our own journey as we manifest the life we want to live! I want to start with a quote from the great Maya Angelou…It reads,

“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.”

Let’s think about that for a minute. How do you feel about this statement? Can anybody relate? You know you are destined to soar yet you have been just crawling along not realizing nor expressing your full potential. Don’t get me wrong…the caterpillar stage is fine and is important. And I don’t want to negate the importance of the caterpillar experience. You can have joy here. You can have success, happiness, abundance, and love. I am sure if you ask the caterpillar, they are happy moving along eating leaves. I mean what do caterpillars eat anyway? I mean I don’t even know... but and it’s a huge BUT…if you are longing for more or you know there is a greater something that is seeking to be born, in your heart of hearts, you know you have more to give this world then it’s time to be brave and enter into your cocoon phase. You willing enter because you know it’s time. You begin to trust in the magic of rebirth. Maybe you have even had visions of flying and landing on flowers. You can even see what colors your wings are. Have you had that experience? You know where you been, you know where you are right now, and you have seen the vision for the future. The vision is in 3-D Pixar color and it’s clear. You want it. I often say…I want that.

Now how do you get from here to there? It is the cocoon phase. Each stage of a butterfly’s journey or evolution is necessary. But it is in the cocooning stage where the transformation happens. I personally believe that managing and surviving this stage is critically essential as we manage the life we want and our heart’s desire and honestly, I feel this is where I get lost or feel stuck or even hopeless. Anybody ever feel that way? It is because the Cocooning engulfs you. Consumes you completely. You start your metamorphosis, the shedding of the old and birthing the new. You can’t ever go back to being a caterpillar and yet you are not a butterfly. You might start to experience some growing pains. It might be uncomfortable. You might feel just blah. Carolyn Myss calls it the dark night of the soul. She describes it as an inevitable experience in a person’s life. It is a passage of profound initiation. The dark night is a fight to the finish, a bending until there is a breakthrough.

During the cocoon phase, all you know is that every morsel and fiber of your being is breaking down. Your soul is crying out and calling for your transformation. This disruption is the revolution of your spirit. It’s time to surrender. It’s time for a breakdown and breakthrough. It might even feel like death. And in a real sense, it kind of is! It is the dying of who you once were and the rebirth of everything you seek to be!!

So, how do you survive the cocoon phase? Here are seven steps to help you move successfully into your butterfly experience.

Step 1: Surrender to the new possibilities that are being birth. There are new possibilities that are awaiting you. Submit to what is calling to be made manifest in your life.

Step 2: Hold the Vision. Every day focus on the vision. Spend some concrete time daily to hold the vision.

Step 3: Affirmations. Create yourself a “cheat sheet” of affirmation when your faith starts to waiver. This will help you get back into the flow.

Step 4: You got to pray. Cultivate a prayer life for yourself. Communing with Spirit helps you stay in tune.

Step 5: Practice Meditation. Practicing meditation allows you to quiet the busyness of your mind and just be still.

Step 6: SShhhhh! Be quiet. If you must talk, challenge yourself to talk only to butterfly people who have successfully moved through the cocoon phase.

Finally, Step 7: Remember you are loved and supported by Grace. There is so much Grace during the cocooning phase of the journey. Grace is the unmerited favor of the Universe. The beauty of Grace is you didn’t do anything to earn it and can’t do anything to lose it. It is the Universal support of divine love.

I look forward to seeing your wings.

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