The Elephant Itself

The Elephant Itself - Panache Desai

In mystical and esoteric circles, they have this romantic notion of purpose, you’re meant to go on a quest, find an undiscovered pyramid or liberate some crystal skulls. In reality, you are the medicine. You are the solution. The unfolding of your life is the how. 

We are all standing in front of the same elephant. Somebody is at the trunk, somebody has the ears, somebody is on top of the elephant, someone’s grabbing the butt cheeks or the belly, and someone is holding on to the legs. But, we are all standing around the same elephant. All of these different parts of the elephant are all the different religions and traditions, teaching, insights, saints and sages, techniques and modalities. These are all the parts, but not one thing can point to the totality of it all. 

When you have the capacity to transcend your limited individual lens, meaning, you are holding on to the elephant’s trunk assuming the trunk is the truth, then you begin to access life and engage in life from a vastly different perspective. A perspective that isn’t limited by your programming, conditioning or your past.

In that moment when you step back from the individual part that you have identified with as being real, the nature of the ego is to do so at the exclusion of all the other parts, you can see the totality of the whole – the elephant itself. 

The reason that you still struggle or have a difficult time is because you’ve latched on to one thing about you that’s the truth. You’ve latched on to your pain as the truth or your past as the truth. 

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