The Enlightened Rebel: OPEN AT THE TOP

The best and most supportive relationship you can ever have with yourself is to allow yourself to live in the flow.

Living in the flow does not eliminate the ability to be a person of commitment. There is always a sense of freedom when you listen to your inner nature and make sure you are honoring yourself. It is important as an Enlightened Rebel to choose relationships in your life which also allow you such freedom. Were you ever expecting a visitor for several days and somehow had a feeling that it wasn’t going to happen?

Or, have you had a sense that the trip you were planning to take just wasn’t meant to be?

I was scheduled to go on a sacred journey with ten other people to another country. Two weeks prior to departure, I got a strong feeling I was supposed to cancel my trip and stay local. It was not easy for me to call that meeting and share my decision to cancel. Their initial responses were not the highest metaphysically, as you can imagine. However, it was a lesson that reminded them that I could not be a leader who teaches everyone to listen to their intuition and inner nudges if I did not listen to my own. My intuition guided me correctly (as expected), as on the scheduled departure day I received a message that the wife of one my best friends was dying. I was able to be with him throughout the entire process because I listened to my inner guidance and canceled my scheduled trip.

The Enlightened Rebel welcomes listening and acting upon changes, which allows space for others to don likewise. Anger is no longer the necessary reaction when plans change because we now understand at a deep level there is a Divine reason for this change in our lives. Though planning is a very crucial and necessary part of our daily lives, we can also get so caught up in following “the plan” that we fail to recognize the clues and indications for change shown to us along the way.

Crime shows like CSI demonstrate this often as detectives become overly focused on techniques and narrowly focused in the case going in a certain direction that many times they fail to see ALL of the evidence. The same is true with how we live our lives. If you plan too much you don’t leave room for the special surprises. If you pay attention to the things that knock on your door three times, it may mean you need to stop, pay attention, and find out what is going on. There may be something else meant for you and you need to be open to change your plans. As we have heard numerous times, life is a journey, not a destination.

The journey comes from the KNOWING and the MYSTERY.

This article is an excerpt from my new book: Being A Difference Maker: A Guide For Living Life Out Loud.

Loving Life,

In her latest offering of spiritual treasures, Rev. Dr. Temple Hayes sets out to energize readers in coming alive with passion in "Being a Difference Maker: A Guide for Living Life Out Loud."


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