The Forgiveness Factor

happy-woman-jumping-and-enjoying-life-at-sunset-in-mountains-picture-id931873664 The Forgiveness Factor

Scientists have discovered there are emotional, mental, and even physical needs for forgiveness.

Every cell in your body acts like a computer. Each cell has an electromagnetic energy field and a biochemical composition that instantly responds to your environment — and to your thoughts.

According to well-documented discoveries in epigenetics, genetic inheritance is only a predisposition. Whether it is triggered or not is dependent on the individual’s programs.

What does that mean? It means that more than anything else, the body’s response to our conscious and unconscious thoughts determines your health and happiness.

Now, here’s the really good news!  To forgive is the soul’s choice.

That’s right, your soul has a choice!

You Have the Power to Forgive!

You have the power to change your entire life, affect your health in a positive way and experience true peace, love and joy at unprecedented levels!  You have the power to forgive!

Without mastering the art of forgiveness, our relationships, both business and romantic, easily fall by the wayside, only to be replaced by more of the same.

Have you ever watched anyone go through a series of relationships, make a series of choices, one right after another, and still end up with essentially the same partner—in the same situation -- just in a different package?


Forgiveness is such a big decision, it affects the whole world and the first person we all must forgive is ourself.  Until you experience the infinite love of the real world, it’s easy to be conned into believing that you are just a body and that whatever is happening is our lot in life and we are relatively powerless to change it.

But that is not the truth.

When the your soul chooses to love, especially through adversity, you integrate enlightenment and wholeness through forgiveness and new levels of awareness. This is the fuel of miracles.

Forgiveness accomplishes the impossible.

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To Your Brilliance, Happiness and Success,

Sandra and Daniel

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