The Key To Living Passionately And Joyfully

Happiness is man's ultimate quest. Whatever the endeavours he undertakes, all seem to gear him towards the path to happiness. It is only conscious survival instinct towards a certain goal, that keeps us going towards happiness.

Mankind spends most of his life chasing feelings.It is always felt by scientists and philosophers, that we need to make a conscious disciplined effort towards creating happiness. On the other hand , a simple hearted ordinary person may feel that, just watching a sunrise or sunset, could give him that sense of happiness, which people are seeking through complicated methods.

The longing for happiness only sets in when we feel any of these three emotions i.e. anger, fear or depression. Psycologists down the ages have been looking into the causes of these emotions and feelings, and they have been advising people on how to deal with them, whether it's through counselling, or medication. There is an entire industry dependent on the happiness quotient.

Much of what we see transpiring on the movie screens as science fiction is reality.  In today's world, scientists are also beginning to direct their interest in positive feelings and emotions.. Molecular biology has provenly shown, what subsequently transpires between 10 trillion brain cells and psychological experiments show how these internal changes affect our behavior. 
The question to be addressed here is that, is happiness just the opposite of unhappiness or is it completely some other factor that is actually responsible for our happiness. Is love the answer to all unhappiness. Can we produce good moments of real happiness.

Insights of brain research show, that our brains have special circuitry for pleasure and euphoria. We have a happiness system. The circuits in our brain are altered whenever we learn something and new connections are created. 
Thoughts trigger changes, which in turn combined with right examples, trigger happiness.

A lot of our happiness depends on our environment and culture. There are cultural influences and daily occurrences that put this process into motion.
This refers to the mental suffering experienced by individuals all over the globe. It is spreading like an epidemic, and proves that we definitely need to step in to a culture of happiness and joy.

Positive feelings, counteract stress and stimulate the immune system. Negative moods limit people. Positive moods allow you to expand your options. Positivity stimulates growth in the nerve connections in the brain.
A life with no goals tends to bend our life towards depression. We may want to sit back and relax, but in the long run, it doesn't give joy. You need to make a conscious effort towards happiness and watch yourself live passionately and joyfully. You need to seek, and go and find your own happiness.
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