The New Rulers Of Earth


Through all the tyranny and injustice which plague the earth on this day and in these times, one Thing, one Fact, one Truth remains and that is: There Is Only One Reality, The Original Creation of the Divine Mother’s Love in full manifestation and expression on this Earth and on all Earths and Star Systems throughout Eternia.  

Love is, was and Will Always Be the only true and absolute Ruler of this Earth, as Love is the creator of Earth and the Ruler Of All Creation by Divine Edict. Love is the Infinite wanting to Gift us Life. Love Is and will always be, the only, the ALL, the ONE. 

The Master told us, “The meek shall inherit the earth.” His promise is a statement of fact now being realized by those with eyes to see. Through the rubble and clouds of misinformation and intentional trickery, the Divine Light of God’s Eternal Truth, emerges triumphantly, shines brightly, and speaks loudly in the Heart as a Still Small Voice yearning to be heard. 

For in each and every situation we encounter, like water rising to seek its own level, so Love, and the Light of that Love becomes a beacon shining out as the highest point in any given occurrence, and all the forces surrounding that Love are Awakened and Empowered and Up Lifted and Transformed by that Love. 

So, in the same way as when a Jesus, or a Buddha or a Gandhi or other great Spiritual Masters walked into a room, all heads turned not even knowing why. Because these Ones were the Highest Point Of Realized And Expressed Unconditional Love in the space. They were the Highest Demonstrations Of The God-Source Presence In Manifestation at that moment.  

These beings, as the Architypes of the coming New Root Race Of Humanity, now colliding with the Old Earthen Ways, were and are Masters of Love because they have mastered their desire bodies, their shadow emotions, their run-away minds and through years of Meditation and Sadhna, they returned all to Love and merged all their bodies into One Body, that of the Divine Monad of Original Creation, or ONE with God as God.  

These masters were and are the most powerful beings on earth because of their Enlightened Love As Love which is the Most Powerful Force in all the Universe! 

Love is their Power. Love is Our Power. And like all the women and men, Enlightened Masters who have gone before us, when they and as WE, in all humility, through the Sacred Heart and Mystical Marriage of Heart and Soul, Unify our Love and our Power together, we then give birth to our Divine Wisdom, our Creative Offspring, our Christ-Self, the Holy Daughter of the Goddess of Love who comes to Earth now through All Beings in Her Creation, as the Divine Feminine Energies needed to fulfill Her Divine Calling and Mission to Re-Seed The Earth with Her Love for the Birthing of Her New World. 

She is within All of Us. She is The New Ruler Of Earth. She is LOVE. She stands tall and bright radiating from our hearts and minds and words and deeds, unincumbered by the rumors of wars, undisturbed by the doubting voices of fear and controlling egos, unwavering in Her Divine Mission to BE LOVE in and through all Beings and Things. 

She cannot be stopped. Her path cannot be altered. She is untouchable by violence, uninfluenced by technology, unaltered by chemicals, unharmed by germs for She is the Creator of the Universe and Creator of All the pure light, sub-molecular photon energies that live behind and have been manipulated into these misguided forms of oppression, and with the batting of Her eye, She can and will withdraw Her Living Energy from these mis-creations and they will Cease To Exist here on this Earth and throughout the Universe forever. 

And She does this NOW for YOU as YOU come Home Unto Her within your Heart! 

For the New Ruler Of Earth is standing at this very moment squarely in the center of your chest. With a Rod Of Power in one hand and a Staff Of Justice in the other, She is Divine Love Realized, and She calls to you now to Come Home To Her, to Your Heart, to Love. 

She says Forgive Yourself for what you couldn’t have known and as you do, you will find yourself forgiving all those others who appeared to have harmed you. As within, so without.  

ALL LOVE is Yours. All Love is Your Love. It is within You. It is for You, for Yourself, for your Soul, as a Sparklet Of The Divine, as an expression of HER LOVE, as She Lives And Indwells You. 

Your Love for Yourself is your Devotion to Her. The extent to which you know and Love yourself as Her, is the extent to which you can Love another. 

For through that gateway, that portal, that invitation to Know Yourself as God, only then will your eyes open, will your heart and mind open and will you be able to “Love One Another Even As I Have Loved You.” 

And it is through this kind of Divinely Devotional Love that this Blessed Earth will be saved. It is through This Kind Of Love that She and You and all of Us in the Ascending Human Collective, are happily so, unapologetically so, powerfully so, emerging as The New Rulers Of Earth.

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