The Next Phase of Our Spiritual Evolution = Sacred Sexuality

The Next Phase of Our Spiritual Evolution = Sacred Sexuality

For many years, I did intuitive angel readings and taught people how to open their intuition to communicate with their higher self, angels, fairies, and the Divine. When I first started communicating with angels and fairies, I felt their energies “out there,” meaning outside my body. I focused on my upper chakras, including my third eye and crown. However, at first, I was not very connected to my body, and the intuitive messages felt hazy instead of clear. 

Around the same time, my intuition guided me to start exploring sacred sexuality and doing burlesque dance classes, which helped me tap into my body’s sensuality and sexual energy. I quickly discovered that sexual energy is the highest vibration we can experience in physical form. When I embodied my sexual energy, my vibration skyrocketed, I felt happier and healthier than ever, and my intuition became crystal-clear. Sacred sexuality helped me to hear, feel, and see the angels and fairies more clearly. And it helped me to unleash the magic inside my body. I discovered sparkly magic within my lower charkas, including my root chakra or sacred genitals and my sacral chakra or wombspace. I even connected my root chakra to my heart chakra, which opened the magic even more. We all have this magic inside!

I started having the courage to share this insight in some of my angel readings, and much to my surprise, a few of my clients had secretly discovered the same thing – that our sexuality is integral to our spirituality. Years later, I started teaching about Mariposa Sacred Sexuality. I’ve realized that sacred sexuality is the next phase of our spiritual evolution. Activating our sacred sexual energy is the key to creating health, happiness, success, soulful relationships, self-love, confidence, money flow, and abundance.

What is Sexual Energy?

There is sex. And there is sexual energy. Did you know that your sexual energy is your life force, aliveness, and creation energy? It is meant for far more than having sex. In fact, having sex is only 1 out of 1,000,000+ things you can do with your sexual energy! You are meant to create with your sexual energy. Just like you can create a baby with it, when you know how to effectively channel your sexual energy, you can also create success, vibrant health, money, love, joy, a meaningful romantic relationship, and exciting opportunities to share your gifts and help others. Your sexual energy can breathe life into your creative projects to help you fulfill your mission or purpose on earth.

Sexual energy helps you to feel alive, awake, vibrant, energized, excited, creative, and turned on for life. That’s why if your sexual energy is not flowing, you can’t possibly feel creative, beautiful, vibrant, happy, or abundant. Your sexual energy brings feelings of love, joy, abundance, health, beauty, and deep peace. Pleasure is the portal to prosperity!

However, we’ve all grown up in a “sex-negative” culture which taught us that sex was dirty, bad, or wrong. Most of us didn’t know it was OK to masturbate or that masturbation is a form of spiritual grounding and self-soothing. Some of us even experienced sexual abuse. Sex is either overused and in-your-face in movies and marketing, or it’s scorned, hidden, and forbidden from conversation. Our collective wounding around sexuality has led to sexual shame at a deep subconscious level. Shame is the lowest vibration we can experience. It’s when we feel bad about ourselves. We cannot reach our full potential (or even fulfill our life purpose) if we are walking around weighed down by invisible sexual shame. One way to clear this shame is to discover the sacredness, magic, and creative power of our sexual energy and how to utilize it to improve our lives!

Your Butterfly Self is Waiting to Emerge

When a caterpillar goes into its chrysalis, it turns into liquid or goo. In order to become the butterfly, it must change the way it expresses its DNA. Inside you is dormant DNA just waiting to be activated! The untapped creative potential of your sacred sexual energy can transform your entire life. It can take you from the dull, limited life of a caterpillar to the expansive, fun, abundant, magical life of a butterfly.

When fully activated, your DNA is your Divine, Naked, Authentic self. Interestingly, sexual energy moves in a spiraling motion, similar to the double spiral of a DNA strand. Your sexual energy is the catalyst that ignites the metamorphosis from “caterpillar” to “butterfly.” Your Butterfly Self is waiting to emerge from the chrysalis!

When you live as the butterfly, life is so much more fulfilling. It’s joyful, colorful, magical, vibrant, and exciting. It’s the feeling of looking forward to getting out of bed in the morning and feeling excited about life because you have so much to create and so much love and joy to experience. When you live as a butterfly, you experience freedom. Your life becomes multidimensional, like the butterfly that can land on a flower, dance in a waterfall or fountain, and fly high in the sky.

When you become a butterfly, you soar above limitations and become a CATALYST. A catalyst causes a change and inspires others. Your sexual energy is meant to be a catalyst. We are meant to be orgasmic and overflowing with love, joy, and creativity, so we give to others from the overflow (not from effort or an empty cup).

What is Mariposa Sacred Sexuality™?

“Mariposa” means “butterfly” in Spanish. Butterflies represent transformation, beauty, and freedom. Mariposa Sacred Sexuality helps you spread your wings as your magical, authentic self through the magic of your sexual energy.

Mariposa Sacred Sexuality is the special kind of Sacred Sexuality that I created, after 10 years of studying various forms of sacred sexuality, divine downloads and intuitive guidance from the angels and fairies, and insights from the last 20 years of professional teaching and working closely with clients as a Masters Level Social Worker, Certified Transformational Life Coach, Certified Hypnotherapist, Intuitive, and Healer. It’s the same system I used for my own transformation from single, sick, sad, and stressed to happy, healthy, and vibrant. I am so grateful to say that through Mariposa Sacred Sexuality, I manifested the romantic relationship of my dreams, transformed serious health issues into vibrant health, transformed life-long body image issues into body confidence, and created a thriving business that I love.

Mariposa Sacred Sexuality can be practiced solo by yourself or with a partner. Mariposa teaches you how to effectively channel your sacred sexual energy into a meaningful purpose, such as boosting your health, connecting with the Divine, connecting more deeply with your partner, calling in the right partner for you, or manifesting money and other forms of abundance. The possibilities are infinite because your sexual energy is infinite!

Mariposa Sacred Sexuality takes you on a journey of self-discovery, self-love, self-expression, joy, healing, deep connection, love, and freedom, thanks to the magic of your sexual energy. Mariposa is not just about sexuality. It is a magical way of being in the world. Make love and make life magical!

You are meant to be a Mariposa:

  • Magical
  • Authentic
  • Radiant
  • Intuitive
  • Purposeful
  • Orgasmic
  • Sexual
  • Abundant

What do Mariposas have that caterpillars don’t? What is possible when you activate your sacred sexual energy?

  • Celebration – A high-vibe, joyful life filled with pleasure and fun
  • Confidence in your body, self, and business/career
  • Connection with your body, your soul, the Divine, and if applicable, your partner (calling in the right partner for you or connecting more deeply with your current partner)
  • Crystal-Clear Intuition – Clearly hear the wisdom of your soul and confidently act on your intuitive guidance without hesitation or delay (If you want to, you can even utilize Mariposa to clearly connect with angels, fairies, unicorns, dragons, and other magical realms)
  • Creation Power - Create a magical life filled with love, joy, and abundance; create whatever you want, including a business/career and life that lights you up and turns you on

Within you is a butterfly waiting to emerge – a more turned-ON version of yourself and your life. This is possible when you discover the secret treasure that has been hiding in your body all along and how to utilize it to create happiness, health, confidence, success, and abundance. It’s time to embrace the magic of your sacred sexual energy.

Free E-Book: Light Your Sexual Fire: Create the Love and Connection You Secretly Crave. In this e-book, you will discover my 4-step GLOW System to help you create a life of love, joy, and abundance with the magic of your sacred sexual energy!

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