The Power of Attending Events to Help You Beat Your Paradigms


When large numbers of people – with similar beliefs and goals – come together for a singular purpose, magic happens

When two or more are gathered together, they produce a collective vibrational signature by their thinking. That frequency then generates their results. These frequencies, when combined, create a hum that raises the vibration of the whole room and interacts with your subconscious. 

To that effect, if the people you surround yourself with are thinking on the frequency of growth and success, your thinking will generate similar results! 

People generally associate this with the Law of Averages: “you are the sum of the five people you spend the most time with”, but today we’re talking BIGGER. We’re talking dozens – even hundreds or thousands of people!

Today, we will explore how you can get the most out of your events – whether big or small, in-person or virtual – so you can finally beat your paradigms and accelerate your growth in a collaborative, supportive environment!

Events Empower You To Work With Others To Beat Your Paradigms

When you participate in an event, you naturally resonate with the people around you on an energetic level. This is why virtual events can be just as powerful as in-person events since energy is not tethered to locality, but to mentality.

This works a lot like a tuning fork.

An event brings multiple, individual vibrations together into one frequency, and any new thoughts automatically adjust to harmonize with everyone else.

This creates a perfect opportunity to shift out of a lower vibration – like our limiting paradigms (more on these below) – into a higher one!

However, this collaborative effort works best when you’re already aware of your paradigms. So by growing in your awareness, you can take back control and identify which thoughts are holding you back. When you study this before an event, you can identify where you need additional support to beat your paradigms.

Your Paradigm Is a Thermostatic Setting

Your paradigms directly affect your quality of life and the results you produce.

This is because everything is created twice

First in thought, then in physical form. 

Regardless of whether you’re aware of this or not – it impacts your life, either positively or negatively. But paradigms are not inherently “good” or “bad”. 

Either they expand and create growth in your life, or they contract, and create subconscious challenges. When you’re unaware of them, they are able to easily control your life by convincing you that circumstances, situations, or conditions determine your level of happiness, success, or abundance.

The good news is that you can control and change what you think, and therefore influence the results you create. 

You create results in several major areas of your life: time and money freedom, health and wellbeing, relationships, and vocation. Chances are you already have some pretty solid paradigms in place in most of these areas, some of which may be limiting your growth and success.

To determine what your paradigms are creating, all you have to do is look at the results you’re currently experiencing. 


One of the easiest ways to visualize the relationship between your paradigms and your results is by picturing a thermostat. 

When you set the thermostat at a certain level in your home, it constantly reads the changes (or variances) in the atmosphere. So when it gets too warm, the air conditioning triggers and starts to cool everything down. Once it regulates the temperature back to its normal setting, it shuts off. 

Just like the thermostat in your home, the thermostat within you is set to a certain amount of fun, love or happiness, and it automatically kicks in to keep you at those levels. This system is programmed by lifelong influences like your experiences during childhood, family, media, and culture.

So in order to create different results in your life, you must change your thermostatic setting. Participating in events that expose you to multiple perspectives, energies, and transformations is one of the best ways to jumpstart the process of reprogramming your paradigms.

Beat Your Paradigms Through Immersion 

When you step into a room of smiling, high-energy people, you feel that vibration on a subconscious level. The fact that you can notice this shift indicates how environmental energy alone can go beyond the physical and influence the spiritual.

In the same way, as soon as you enter an event (whether in-person or online), you are tuned into the vibrations that are present in that place. 

But the container itself doesn’t create an atmosphere of growth – the type of thinking done inside of it does. So whether you step into a collective vibration of common hour thinking or brave thinking – your thoughts will become a match to that frequency. 

It’s important to note that the container, whether it be a seminar, conference, or mastermind, is where you visit – not live. In this sense, attending events and then returning to the same default lifestyle is like dipping a thimble into a well of wisdom.

In other words, you might quench your thirst for the moment, but ultimately, you’ll thirst again (and again, and again)…

So how do you create permanent paradigm shifts from the events you attend?

Two words: Impact and Influence.


When you enter a group setting during events, you gain exposure to different ways of thinking, which unlock the possibility for different results. This allows you to see what works best for others and learn from their unique skill sets and experiences.

Interacting on this level can impact the way you:

  • Approach problems and solutions.
  • Develop your vision and blueprint for success. And,
  • Notice your subconscious paradigms.

Furthermore, when you witness another individual succeed, you amplify your own belief that success is possible for you. Interacting with leaders who have produced extraordinary results is a powerful way to grow and develop yourself! 

Having the opportunity to observe and listen to the success stories of others creates a strong emotional impact. Its’ that “a-ha!” moment that shifts you into the frequency of a new thought, perspective, or awareness.

So when you experience this emotional wave, you leave a subconscious imprint in your mind that you carry with you long after the event ends.

On the other hand, attending events can also create opportunities for you to impact others. When you connect with like minded people, you create a powerful ripple effect throughout the entire space. Your presence alone creates a wave of energy that attracts attention and creates natural magnetism. 

By sharing your thoughts, work, and results with others, you spark curiosity and connection. This can help you gradually release imposter syndrome by reminding you of the importance and value of your work and your direct responsibility in creating it. 

Therefore, whether you tap into the power of receiving impact or impacting others, you serve as an active participant in discovering new perspectives and possibilities to beat your paradigms. 


Positive influences have the power to multiply your chances of success exponentially.

This works because:

(A) Whoever you allow to have influence in your life will also influence the way you think. And,

(B) Your results are a direct reflection of your thinking.

With this pattern, you can build a circle of influence based on the right people with the right kind of thinking. Namely, those who believe you can reach your dreams and beat your paradigms! 

A great way to find these supportive partners is by attending events where you can meet like-minded people from all walks of life. This is an opportunity to look outside of yourself and study the inner work of others. 

Simply put, events allow you to find someone else doing amazing things – relevant to your own dreams – and ask them about their journey to success.

I encourage you to cultivate that curiosity and keep an open mind. Here’s what you’ll gain from the experience: 

  • Access to the thoughts and, therefore, results of those who have achieved the success you desire! 
  • Opportunities for mentorship and meeting positive partners in believing.
  • Growth in your confidence towards achieving your dreams.
  • Understanding where you currently stand and challenge yourself to dream bigger!

Ultimately, working with others will help you clarify your vision and positively influence the trajectory of your life!                                 

But keep in mind that one person’s journey to their results doesn’t have to be yours. 


“There are many paths up the same mountain and the only one who is a fool is the one who instead of climbing up on his own path runs around the mountain telling people that their path is wrong.”

So let go of any attachment to the “how” and focus on the process itself. 

Release control and trust that life will flow naturally and effortlessly.

Ultimately, impact (in the moment) and influence (for the long-run) work together to amplify your creative power. So when you attend events, keep an open mind – and look for the transformations that help others succeed and learn how you can achieve the same.


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