The Spirit of Hope and Expectancy

holidaymagic Penned by Anjie Hosley, The Spiritual Doula for Writefully So, Unlimited

The spirit of hope and expectancy is very much alive during this season; which is often called the most wonderful time of the year. This season is a time when many faith traditions and religions are celebrating the magic of high holy days. There is Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, just to name a few and so many more celebrations. Most, if not all have stories that are about the miracle of life and hope. These stories have unexplained or miraculous phenomenal occurrences articulated to help inspire people and give them a sense of hope.

Many of these stories are based on mystical or magical journeys. I personally believe these stories are not just for the time period beginning with Thanksgiving at the end of November through January 1st each year. If we are willing to commit ourselves to carrying the stories’ spirit of hope and expectancy, we can experience their meaning through every day of our lives. We can experience wonder, possibility, and hope as our new normal.

Let’s explore the biblical text found in Hebrews 11:1 that says, “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.” Faith and hope are two of the most underutilized tools that we have in our spiritual toolbox. So, what is faith and hope? Faith is that quiet blessed assurance of the desired outcome. It’s that deep knowing that God’s amazing and beautiful universe is here to love, support, and empower you to live your best desired life. Faith makes it possible for you to take this spirit of Christmas, Hanukkah, of all of the high holy days that we hold dear as true, every day. The truth is… you can always have faith that things are working together for your good. You can always have hope that tomorrow is a brighter more beautiful day. The substance of things is talking about that unlimited field of possibilities that you always have available and you have access to it.

Faith is more than mere belief… faith is a deep inner knowing that what is desired or sought is already ours for the taking. And when we talk about faith deeper, we must have faith in God as our source of all the good we desire… it is through our faith that we Co-create and Co-operate with creative law. Understanding faith comes when you are so steadfast in knowing for certain and without a shadow of doubt what you want is already yours.

Many people would look at hope as being wishy-washy and/or simply wishing for the best…. they fail to realize or understand that hope is a spiritual quality that is given to us by God. Even the idea that hope is sometimes described as just “hoping” for the best or you can’t depend on hope. But if you look at sacred text through every major religion, hope is just as essential as faith and love. In fact, the Bible has the word Hope in it 143 times. Hope is defined as to cherish a desire with anticipation; or to desire with expectation of attainment or fulfillment; or to expect with confidence and to trust.

You know who always has this spirit of hope and expectancy. Children! Today, your magical journey is to recapture that childlike wonder. I recently read somewhere probably on Facebook that Christmas or this season is just for children. Do we believe that? Somebody please hurry up and give that an H-E-Double Hockey Sticks NO. Especially, if you believe in New Thought or the Magic of the Universe, you know that that is so not true. This season is a magical time for everyone. The spirit of hope and expectancy is for everyone.

So how can you re-capture that magic?

First, let me ask you… DO you need a little magic in your life right now? I keep hearing that song…We need a little Christmas, right this very minute. Because a lot of times as you get older and grow up so to speak, you are told repeatedly to put childish things behind you. I will never, ever, ever stop believing in magic and possibilities. I encourage you to do the same. Because in that growing up or becoming an adult or pledging allegiance to “Team Adult”, you often forget the essential qualities of who you are. Your spiritual nature your childlike wonder, that divine curiosity, the ability to look at hope and for hope is a beautiful quality that is ingrained and etched in the very fabric of your very spiritual DNA. It’s part of your Divine tapestry.

I want you to explore proving hope and faith for yourself. These spiritual gifts make you aspire to be so much bigger than you ever thought you could be. This is from where you should spend the rest of your live living.

I recently saw an amazing movie that gave me so much Christmas joy and magic and if you haven’t seen it I encourage you watch it it’s on Netflix, it’s called Jingle Jangle. It is starring some really amazing people…people like Anika Noni Rose, Forest Whitaker and this magical little being of light named Madalen Mills, who plays the lead character named Journey. What Journey discovers is that she herself is the square root of possible. I am here to tell you that you….yes, you…are the square root of possible. BUT, in order for you to maximize who you are you have to have faith in God first; believe that you are so loved and supported; and you must believe that anything is possible. Right Now! Not when the circumstances of your life get better, not when 2020 is over BUT right now. The square root of possible that you are right now is based on your hope, the anticipation of your desired good, right now not in 2021 or 2022, BUT right now TODAY! You are the square root of possible. Everything that you want and desire is yours. That’s what the season is about! Believing, never stop believing what else is possible. I encourage you to never stop dreaming; never stop hoping; never stop having faith.

So right now, take a nice deep breath and exhale slowly. You can do this a couple of times to center yourself. I want you to imagine yourself as a six-year-old with the magic of the season being very real in your mind where you have written your letter to Santa maybe you even have gone to sit on Santa‘s lap and allow yourself to feel all of that joy and sense of excitement and expectation you got. Now breathe deeply and exhale slowly. I want you to take that feeling and anchor it right now in your body. Take all the joy that you are feeling and let it consume you and every area of your life. Embrace the joy of anticipation and hope and the magic of the holiday season as you anchor your life in possibility. And if you don’t have a smile on your face right now put a smile on your face and really feel it, accept it as true for you.

It’s possible to rise above your obstacles, dare to be who you are meant to be on this earth right now, dream big for yourself, feel the joy, the anticipation, the hope, the blessed assurance that is your life right now. What else is possible! Live from this space in this moment for the rest of this holiday season and into year 2021.

Aubrey Hepburn said. “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I’m possible.” I am possible. The words “I Am” are used to identify your spiritual name. Say to yourself… I am possible! I am filled with hope! I am filled with faith! I am filled with the anticipation that all of my dreams and desires are here right now for the taking! It’s all possible.

Wishing you the happiest holiday season.

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