The Unseen Tension Of Competition

tired-student-picture-id174817068 The Unseen Tension Of Competition
In the competitive world of today, I feel that maximum amount of stress is actually carried by students. They are at the threshold of life and they feel a constant impulse of restlessness within themselves. It seems to begin even before they learn to speak. Parents are silently without a conscious awareness sending it through their vibrational signals to their kids.

Furthermore the environment around seems to enhance it. Everything around us seems to carry this unseen tension of what the future will bring along. There is a level of restlessness in everybody's mannerism. The body language of all people seems to limit this restlessness. Catching the signals and quelling the restlessness is imperative for the well-being of all.

Since exams are a constant in a student's life, their stress is continuous. I just feel the need to talk about how we need to handle this level of stress, which encompasses and impacts participation in classes, performance of tests on the general well being in a students life.


As growing kids of course the stress is equally shared by parents, as the emotional dependency is handled to some extent by the parents and people at home. As the social responsibility of the child grows, his need to deal with his personal stress levels grows alongside.

I am providing a few tips here for students which are vital for minimizing general student life stress, whether it is school or college.


As we are individual creatures with our own unique temperaments, it is important that we understand and discover our own personal stress relievers. What works best for us is important. Once this is pinpointed, you can try and make it a habit.

These strategies once formed in the early years can become lifetime skills, to be practiced through life as self mastering, stress releasing strategies. You must realize and understand that you can draw on these self created strategies whenever desired.


This at any and every stage in life is vital. If we know how to manage our time wisely, most of the stress in our lives gets taken care of. For students it is essential to plan, study time, game time, eating and sleeping hours, they need to be managed well.


1. Make small segmented study hours
2. Plan meal times and a healthy diet
3. Exercise daily, either a morning walk or maybe a gym
4. Listening to music. Soothing the nerves to relax is very important.


A system of keeping yourself organized is very important.

1. Keep a diary
2. Keep track of dates of important events
3. Clear the mind of mental clutter
4. Have a weekly schedule for each day and a concrete module.


All students at any and every stage in life need to realize the importance of environment . For youngsters, a vibrant environment, with a level of organization, peace and calm is essential. As you get older and get exposed to stress, a different level of awareness creeps into life. In the higher classes you can handle it by creating a more magical environment with aromatherapy, subliminal music, classical music, to soothe the mind and make learning easier.


Developing optimism as a key skill in handling stress is very essential. Although this seems to be an inborn attitude . It is a skill which can be cultivated. Regular practice will make you a keen optimist, and increases the level of happiness.


When you practice any of your skills with a steady and singular focus, it all becomes so much easier. Having a continuous focus, keeps your mind steady, sensibly directional and optimally productive.


It is very important to keep these regulated, in order to keep performance at an optimal level.


These are very helpful for all stage students as they tend to rejuvenate the mind and body both.

A regular stress management regimen is very important. Keep in mind that basically we need to reduce overall stress. Handling your student life well, definitely prepares you for handling the bigger challenges if life.
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