The Wheels of my Ministry

wheelsofministry The Wheels of my Ministry

A number of years ago when I first contemplated the idea of going to ministerial school, my minister asked me what I wanted to with my ministry. I clearly had only one goal and it was to take my message beyond the walls of a traditional church. My minister just looked at me and after a few minutes he asked me what I meant.

I want to carry a message of truth to people who did not even know what they were looking for but were searching for something - something different than what they grew up with perhaps. I wanted to take it to the streets - outside of a brick and mortar building; outside of an institution.

I was accepted into Holmes Institute but only lasted 2 years. I actually loved school and Ioved my classmates (still friends with most or at least in contact) but the focus everyone but me seemed to have was for a pulpit ministry and I knew I did not want to run a church or even be stuckbehind the walls. So after a one year sabbatical and much prayer, reflection, soul searching, and many consultations, I intuitively knew it was time to travel in another direction, but with no idea about what, when, or how.

I continued to know I had the call to ministry but simply did not know how or what the vehicle would be for the delivery of my message. Even though I taught Sunday School for 3 years and loved it, I never lost sight of my original goal to take it to the streets.

It is my belief that what we think about we bring about - one way or another. It happens when I repeatedly think a thought or I am focused on a vision. In the case of taking it to the streetsI more or less let go of it ever happening because I had no idea how I could do it. However, did not let go of the thought - which had turned into a dream. I forgot the howis God. Letting go was actually the best thing I could have done

I resigned my position as a Sunday School teacher due to my health and started driving Uber. I soon realized that I actually loved it. which is no surprise since I love driving, meeting new people and talking! I do not always have words of wisdombut passengers seem to enjoy me and tell me so. I assumed I was mostly entertaining. However, one day a passenger lingered for a moment before leaving my car and said to me, thank you, you just changed my life.” Wow.

After he departed, tears came to my eyes as I realized I was having an epiphany. Holy cow - I was living my dream! It was a spiritual experience when I realized my vehicle is the vehicle for my ministry.

I do not teach or preach. I just talk about all kinds of stuff and people think I am giving them gifts. Pretty amazing since most of my life - especially in the work place - I have been invited to shut up! It makes total sense - in the work place people have work to do. It is nothing personal but no one has time to listen. Duh.

Now, my car is my pulpit.I do not say a lot - mostly answer questions. When I was cutting hair it was kind of the same thing -people would just tell me stuff that they did not normally tell people. Now, it is really safe because they know they will most likely not see me again.

My life is so amazing. As soon as I let go of my dream to carry the message of truth, love, light and peace to the streets - it happened in a way I never would have thought of. I was just looking for a way to earn some money.

And as I have already written, my dream included taking the message beyond the walls of a church - to people who do not know they are looking for something else. Uber tells me I have picked up passengers from over 15 countries!!! How is that for a ministry? Speaking of which, I also have a large following on multiple social media platforms - over 10,000. No wonder I did not want to be stuckwithin the walls of a brick and mortar!

The gift I want to share with you is what I learned from this experience is about the mystery word, “how.” It often seems to be monumental - how can I do this? How? How? How? Well, I now can share the secret of howwith you. Ae you ready? Howis simply Gods business, not mine. On the face of it, it sounds like stupid talk. However, the more I thought about it, The more I confirmed it to myself. I would ask How can I pull this off?” “How can I do itThen I would let go and remember that God is in charge and what will be will be. I did the footwork. I have held the vision and now the howis up to God. That idea morphed into the “HOW = GOD”

I invite you to think about all the times you could not figure out how to do something and so you walked away from it and then the Howjust came to you - seemingly out of nowhere. Consider the possibility that when we walk away, we are surrounding to it - accepting we do not know how. When the answer just shows up after we surrenderit maybe - just maybe - the how is actually God, or at a power outside of us.

When you do not now how, walk away knowing the answer will come. When you need to take action, you will know. Imagine. Could it be that simple?

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