Time to focus on ‘better’ — not ‘bigger’ or ‘more’

boyman-about-to-make-a-decision-picture-id170096596 Time to focus on ‘better’ — not ‘bigger’ or ‘more’

All of us in Humanity’s Team hope you and yours are navigating the lockdown with peace and equanimity. We know how challenging it can be to find quiet space at home, attend to kids, and support seniors who might have special needs.

I’m writing to you today about something that has emerged as an urgent priority during the Coronavirus pandemic.

This urgency is that we not let the opportunity slip away from us to transform the ‘pause’ we are currently experiencing in our communities and in the world. Pause means temporary stop. Generally, when we move past ‘pause,’ we continue in the same direction.

I believe this would be a disaster. Every severe challenge brings a gift, an opportunity, if we take the time to feel into it.

In this case, when we come out of lockdown perhaps our opportunity is to ‘reset’ rather than continue moving in the same direction.

Reset means we move in a whole new direction. It means thoughtfully rebuilding, consciously rebuilding, so we return to being in tune with the rhythm of life and nature.

When we do this we become reconnected with the blessing and beauty of life. We embrace this in our own lives and in the diversity of life around us. We become present to the Divine that is both seen and unseen.

We begin to act intuitively. Our conscious choices and everyday decisions reflect more and more of the wholeness that we are, more and more of the unified intelligence and unified understanding and unified expression that are our basis in divine consciousness.

Many of us have lost touch with this. In today’s modern world, we’ve been busy building ‘bigger’ and ‘more’ even though most of us have much more than we need.

It’s almost like we’ve come under the spell of ‘The American Dream,’ even though living that dream has been at our own peril.

Making matters worse, this collective way of living has created an existential crisis here on the Earth. There simply are not enough resources for the world’s population of 7.7 billion to continue living this way.

Many share they are feeling into this now. There is a sense we can do better.

We can return to living in rhythm with each other and the Earth. We can embrace the true gift in life.

We can turn the current pause into a reset and we can rebuild our forms of commerce, our institutions, and our way of living on the Earth. We can create holistic lifestyles. We can build gentle forms of living on the Earth.

We can be more compassionate.

Perhaps this was the invitation in life all along. Perhaps we lost our way in the busyness of life.

But now, when we take time for reflection and inner guidance, we can find our way once again.

So, as we heal the medical emergency surrounding us, let’s also heal our way of living on the Earth. Let’s advocate for conscious communities and a conscious world. Let’s release plans to create bigger and more and let’s focus on ‘better.’

If we do this, we will heal the medical emergency confronting us, and we’ll heal the existential crisis that envelopes our precious planet.

This is a tall order so there is no time to waste. We must all be prepared to stretch beyond our comfort zone.

We must each become a conscious leader and play our unique and special role in this particular and special time. There is no need to give away our inner authority because no leader on high will take us there.

In service to conscious evolution,


Steve Farrell

Worldwide Executive Director

Humanity’s Team

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