Universal Human


Loving parts of a personality are naturally generous, kind, and connected. When you align yourself with yours, you become generous, kind, and connected, too. This is the creation of authentic power.

I was thrilled when Linda and I were invited to a gathering in India. I was even more thrilled to be asked to give a talk at the Gandhi ashram. Gandhi is one of my heroes. I spoke about authentic power and, for the first time, I spoke of the Universal Human, which I have been writing a book about for thirty years. Gandhi’s ashram seemed the perfect place to introduce the Universal Human because I think of Gandhi as a Universal Human when few existed.

The only other time I spoke of the Universal Human was at Mt. Fuji, in a special celebration called the Symphony of Peace Prayers. Twelve thousand of us prayed for the peace and fulfillment of each country in the world, one country at a time. It was a wonderful expression of Universal Humanity.

The creator of the annual Symphony of Peace Prayers, Masami Saionji, was in India with us, and she spoke at the ashram with me! Now I am thrilled again to share about the Universal Human with you. 

Universal Humans are authentically powerful multisensory humans, and therefore, they are naturally generous, kind, and connected, as are you when you create authentic power. In other words, our new potential of the Universal Human is beginning to appear, and it is beginning to appear in you.


Linda & Gary

A new human consciousness is replacing the old human consciousness. Authentic power—the alignment of the personality with soul—is replacing external power, the ability to manipulate and control. Zukav explains that the potential of a new era of humanity based on love instead of fear is upon us, but only we can bring it into being. Universal Human shows us how. It is a book that you will never forget.

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THINK Beyond Your Genes - July 2021
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