Walk Through the Boundary into a Larger Life


Have you ever noticed that the more negative you get, the more difficult everything about your life becomes, including being able to do the simplest things?

Even your intention to work spiritually in some way -- to develop and transcend yourself -- now sits in the hands of a very negative self, a dense level of self that sees nothing but darkness ahead of it. 

This dense sense of how impossible life seems when we’re negative is the direct expression of a certain kind of resistance that wells up in certain “dense” parts of us when life suddenly says ­-- usually in the form of some unexpected and unwanted event -- “Would you like to live in a larger world, without as much fear? Would you like to be less resentful, worried, or angry? Do you want the power to be more at peace with yourself?”

These questions appear at points of impact in our day-to-day lives when events come along that reveal real limitations in us. We reach a point where we see, clearly, that as we have been, we cannot go on the same way.  Another relationship has gone bust because we bring the same old stuff with us into it; problems with our health can’t be pushed away with another prescription -- you fill in the blanks.  The point is this: if we will let this moment stand without bringing in negativity, if we will just simply see this moment without trying to free ourselves from it,  then it will do something for us that we cannot do for ourselves.

In such moments as these, there appears the possibility of realizing an entirely new purpose for being alive. We glimpse not only a plan in place for our further perfection, but we also see what we are on this earth to do and agree to go through: first to look at these moments where we feel limited and troubled and then to slowly realize that the very moment this boundary appears before us, we have just received an invitation.

We actually have a message from a part of Higher Consciousness that says, “Come, I want to walk you into a larger life. I want to walk you past this pain. I want to show you a world that you don’t know because you’re identified with these thoughts.”

Then it becomes possible to do something with the moment you’ve never done before. Instead of resisting that which shows you that you have reached the end of yourself, you come wide awake and bring the whole of the moment into your awareness.

The whole of the condition is not what you’re blaming for the way you feel. The whole of the condition is your understanding that what you are blaming as being a limitation is connected to your present level of self- to your own understanding. And you let it go. You surrender your understanding because you realize that a greater understanding has brought you to the place that has invited you to give it up. 

Now, instead of hoping that you don’t encounter moments where you feel suddenly inadequate, you meet every moment awake, aware, and watchful. You wait for those instances where you get a chance to see the boundary line between the known and the unknown, between who you have been, and are yet to be. You bring the Light of higher self-awareness into the density of that seemingly impassable place in your life, which is secretly none other than the level of self that stands fearfully before it.  You bring it where the Light dissolves the density of that self. The boundary disappears, and you stand on the other side of it.

Freedom is not overcoming what you think stands in your way. It is understanding that what is in your way is part of the way. Then nothing is against you. God has made it so that everything is for you if you will do the work to understand this.

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