We all feel bad, or off, or out of alignment at times. Most times we ignore it and keep doing what we have to. But there is a process you can go through that is immensely helpful in resolving the energy – not just ignoring it.

Give yourself a minute to become aware, to live consciously in that moment – Stop and create the time and space to experience.  If you ignore the feeling or distract yourself from it, that energy will remain stuck within you.

Have the courage to look at what you are feeling. It’s telling you something. Bring real insight to the situation: What’s the real cause? Non-alignment with your Divinity, resistance to what is, egoic personalization in a circumstance? What’s the false and true story?

The false story is that the cause is from outside yourself, that someone else has done something to you - that it’s happening to you. The true story is this feeling is arising for you to become more aware of what is inside you and is creating the chance for resolution – that it’s happening for you.

What is the real belief you hold? What is the reason this is happening? To wake you up and bring you back into alignment - To trigger you into realizing something expansive. Everything that is happening in your life is the expansion of the Divine, created for you to experience more happiness.

What is the emotion you are feeling. Feel what you are pushing against or grasping at. Feel how you are trying to control, how you are judging and justifying. Are you personalizing? Feel the energy and feel it in your body.

Allow yourself to be in the emotion. Accept all aspects of it and let it be energy in motion. Let it move through. Are you creating resistance or acceptance? Allow our mind and body to be at ease; look at the sky, meditate, walk in nature, or take a bath. Ease is the opposite of resistance.

Allow ourselves to surrender, knowing the Divine is creating this to move you into more. Trying to control the situation causes more resistance. Judging creates separation. If you find ease and alignment, that, in itself, is a big part of the solution. Allowing the energy of the emotion to move through you is an important part of resolution.