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Effective Stress Management to Help You Keep Mentally Strong, Emotionally Healthy

managingstress Keep Mentally Strong, Emotionally Healthy
Stress is unique to every individual. What could be stressing one person, could be completely non-stressful for someone else. This would also mean the strategies one uses as stress relievers for one person would not work with another. We need to understand the individual psyche of an individual to provide him with the correct guidelines as help.


Since stress comes to us in various types, the ways of handling it would also vary accordingly. We need to have a clear distinction in our minds of the types of stress we are handling and find strategies to deal with it accordingly.


This type of stress actually leads to excitement and exhilaration in our lives. Life would be very dull if stress did not exist. So it is actually an essential ingredient in our lives.


In this case, the body remains in a constant ' fight or flight' response mode. The body is constantly triggered to get away from the situation. This needs to be dealt with since it affects the body in serious ways. It leads to diseases like diabetes, B.P. heart disease and many more. We need to see first what are the symptoms of stress and then see how they can be avoided and dealt with.


Since stress attacks the immune system it can manifest in so very many illnesses

1. Headaches
2. High Blood Pressure
3. Emotional Eating
4. Memory Lapse
5. Sleep Disorder
6. Low Energy


We have seen that the body's response to stress is completely individual. so also we need to realize that the relief measures are also individually oriented. Every individual needs to address his stress response from his own personal perspective.


This situation is mainly responsible for most of the stress in the lives of individuals. People like to believe that a certain situation could happen and start stressing over this make belief stressor. Although it is merely a thought pattern, it is blown up by the mind and perceived as a serious threat to the individual. Similarly, the capacity to return to normal is also variable in individuals. Certain people carry more stress for longer periods, others could calm down immediately. Many people remain triggered for a long time and remain stimulated negatively for hours.


These kinds of people have very high standards, they have a habit of setting very high goals for themselves, they keep stressing when these are not met. Their focus is only on the goal and not on the process of reaching there or on the problems along the way. The 'what if's' bother them immensely.


They do not even get into a perfectionists mode, therefore stress does not affect them too much. They bounce back easily from disappointment.

Out of all the individual de-stressing formulas I am recommending the best ones I believe in here for you to try

This is the most simple and fun way of breaking a negative pattern. Imagine a beautiful situation and perceive yourself enjoying it. This is the easiest way to peace and calm.


This is a great way of relaxing your mind and body. You can actually alter your thought patterns and this is a great stress reliever.


This is a way of changing your physiology and helps you to reverse your stress response.


Create your own meditation. it should one that suits your personal mindset. There are many different ways of meditation. Find one that suits you best.


The physical act of laughing brings a lot of positive physiological changes. as it alters and releases tension by changing the chemicals secreted by the brain.


This is a great happy way of altering moods and mindset. This is an enjoyable passive way to immense stress relief.


This brings about physiological and emotional wellness, which in turn creates a healthy and balanced life.


Keeping a good relationship going is perhaps one of the best ways of de-stressing. Keep your communication skills savvy.


Putting off tasks creates immense stress. It is important to deal with stress in a healthy way, create resilience towards it and thereby counter the negative effects of stress.


Sometimes we come to realize that certain coping techniques are better than the ones we are already using as our essentials. We can easily change for the better.
You must not over-schedule or over-stress. Find extra time for yourself to do things that give you happiness.
Effective stress management means that you minimize your triggers, alter your responses, build powerful resources and self-protecting factors. This will keep you mentally strong, emotionally healthy and capable of combating any inroad made by stress.

Stay happy.
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