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How Words Color Our lives

woman-whispering-to-her-friend-picture-id494639820 How Words Color Our lives
''Why am I so unhappy,'' ''Everybody seems to think that I should be a joyous creature as I seem to have every material comfort, yet I feel completely listless and burdened with stress.'' These are statements I get to hear very often from my clients, friends, relatives and a lot more people.

We need to understand that the human spirit thrives on praise. Self-worth is a revered concept. It is only stimulated in us if we are in an adequately comfortable space within ourselves.


We can never underestimate the power of words. Our whole lives revolve around language. If a person is constantly criticized it erodes his self-esteem. Children are particularly sensitive to this. They tend to believe whatever their parents or teachers tell them. Negative statements erode their self-esteem. They develop a compromised self-esteem if criticized constantly.

Research tells us that the ratio of positive to negative comments should be 5 to 1 for a healthy relationship with oneself. It should be 5 positive comments for every negative comment. We need to understand the impact of language. It is only the positive and negative that rule our lives and the types of words we use to describe ourselves actually color our perceptions of reality.


Most of us without realizing are constantly talking to ourselves. We could even call it thinking. This is actually the inner dialogue which is responsible for our stress levels.. This is also leading to a process of limited thinking and leading further on to a negative bent of mind.


If someone gives you a negative statement about someone else, you tend to ponder over it and then create your own opinion according to your judgment. If my friend says '' Sheela is a bully'' I will start branding her as a bully in my mind.

You may at a point in time tell yourself ''This is a difficult situation'' your inner voice will guide you towards that difficulty. On the other hand start viewing things from a positive perspective using optimistic self talk. You can actually reverse the situation through your positive viewpoint.


The moment you will suggest to yourself that you can't handle something you will stop believing that you can do it. You limit your own-self by creating a negative circuit.

Negative self talk can be a self prophecy as you start attracting whatever you imagine.

The subconscious mind believes thoughts. It hears you. You limit yourself by thinking or repeating to yourself that you can't.

We do not consciously realize this but self talk really sabotages the stress levels. The inner voice is the culprit mainly, as it is trying to make sense of the world around and the inner self, trying to strike a balance between the two.

Over thinking tends to bring in a lot of material from the past into everyday life. A pattern of negative thinking can bring in a past stress pattern which may loom large in ones arena.


This is essential to be in a stress free zone.


Whenever a negative thought strikes just say''stop'' and make it go away. Saying it aloud could be more powerful.


Penning your negative thoughts could get you away from them very fast.


Becoming aware of your negative patterns is very important. You don’t realize how many negative things you may be saying in your mind. Negative thought patterns are linked to high levels of stress.. This is proven through many studies. It leads to decreased motivation and lower levels of self esteem.


Many times people cannot achieve their goals , so they tend to look into their earlier days and start stressing over their stress patterns. This in turn will lower the ability to see opportunities and also decreases the tendency to capitalize.


High achievers do better than perfectionists. They are more practical and grab oppertunities in hand rather than being dreamers.


Negative self talk can lead to depression and be very damaging.


Constant self negation lowers the self esteem, you start losing faith and confidence in yourself.


Sounds too simple to be true. but it is the greatest stress reliever.

Just talking to yourself and telling yourself that you are doing something great is enough to win the battle against stress.


Whenever you catch yourself criticizing your ownself, go slow, change your perspective, replace bad thoughts with good ones.


Live with an expanded consciousness and a strong mind and heart.


Create a day filled with activities you enjoy. This will minimize your stress. Having fun is the best way to combat stress.

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