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Return to the Joyful Living of Childhood

Now that we are stepping into the second month of the year,I feel all of us are more relaxed about our performance through the year. The initial euphoria of the new year year and it's newer resolutions is sort of settled into a routine. And yet at the back of our minds lurks this constant need to perform in a manner that leads us to a stress free life.

Happiness is the motivational goal which remains a constant obsession as it should.  Our main purpose on this planet is joy and inching towards it everyday is our essential need and desire.

Over the years as we allow stress to take a toll on our lives, we seem to have stopped living in our natural state which is joy. As children while we were growing up, joyful living was a natural part of our lives and we didn't have to consciously think about it. So now perhaps we should just switch on our childhood mode to reach that sense of emotional level of comfort and joy.

Go into your childhood and connect to the child within you. Think about how relaxed you were and how your thought patterns worked when you were living in those blissful times. Connect backwards in time and live those days .

Adult stress relief strategies seem so much simpler and more effective when we link them to our past happy experiences.

It is one of our favourite pastimes as kids.

1. Making up an exciting future in our imagination. 
2. Dreaming of fun stuff.
3. Visualising all that we would enjoy doing.
4. Creating vivid mental pictures of exciting food and drinks and vacations in places you desire. 
5. Guided imagery is a great way to enjoy
6. Increased wellness
7. Inner peace promotion

Physical touch and affection has a power you cannot deny. It truly gives you a feel of the required emotional support. Don't forget the power of social support. 

Try looking back as a child as to how in your most stressful times your mother's hug used to blow all the tension away. Seek that calm relaxed and safe feeling in a hug now from a good friend perhaps. 

Get more music into your life. As kids we sang nursery rhymes. We expressed our inner selves by humming tunes in the showers or playing in the garden.  Singing is very cathartic. Don't worry about being in tune etc just go ahead and sing. It is a fast and easy stress reliever.

As kids we dabbled in paints. Colours excited us. Express now. Live with colors. Art helps you to express your inner self. It is an instant stress reliever and helps you to process your emotion's. 

Playing games is still as much fun as it was when we were kids. We may think that we are very busy but our inner child still craves the simple pleasures. Give yourself the mental freedom to play a game even if it is on the computer, and enjoy the feeling. 

When we are kids pets are our buddies. They give us a level of companionship and joy. Pick up on that great feel again. Dogs Are known to reduce Blood Pressure and give us joy. This is better than any medication, it is also a better social support than humans to many of us. Be it a horse, hamster or any animal that you like. Go get a pet.

Physical games offer health benefits in many physical and emotional ways. Play games like tennis,racquet, gym is good if you enjoy it. Interactive fun is physically and emotionally healthy.

Allow the rejuvenation process to flow through you so that you release helpful endorphins.

Penning your emotional flow is an  important and fun exercise.  Sharing your thoughts on paper gives immense relief. It is very relaxing. Connect with others,share your thoughts on paper,record your dreams or make a gratitude journal.

Are you doing what you think you were meant to do as a kid. Ask yourself. Spend time with yourself.  Once you have rediscovered your childhood dream step on towards it. It will keep you happy and that is what we are living for.

Reprinted from The Tribune India with permission.
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