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Should I be in a good mood?

laughing-babe-in-bed-picture-id664635052 Should I be in a good mood?

"Should I be in a good mood" is a question we all need to consciously ask ourselves. It may sound like a very strange question, but it is a question that will give us an insight into the fact that we ourselves are responsible for our own stress levels. If we have learned to consciously facilitate ourselves in creating a healthy positive attitude, stress will stay miles away from us.

Attitude is so much a product of our own process of thought. If we know how to channelize our thinking in the right direction, we are truly winners in our battle against stress. 


Over the years as I have been researching on why we stress and how we can overcome this, I have also been personally noticing, how my clients from various walks of life have responded to the nuances, that stress has caused in their lives. I could see, why they were in the spot that they were in, and that led me to understand how they could shed their experience in order to rid themselves of that particular stressful stage and emerge on a level of freedom from within.

Recently I have been writing about the benefits of physical activity on our stress levels. Just as this comes from our own efforts, so also there are many other factors responsible for our inner change.

We need to focus on ourselves a little more closely to understand ourselves, to reach a level of positivity creating an inner change which in turn changes our mood.

In this short space, I will just guide you to understand your inner self to facilitate your own mood and feel the joy in your life.


You need to first put your positivity glasses on and view every move of yours through a positive vision. Use all the resources to help you reach your positivity scale.


This includes choosing a more optimistic perspective. Try and keep a more positive stance, this will naturally detract you from a negative tilt and you will have a perspective that will create a more emotionally positive experience within.


This includes our friendships and all our more positive relationships. People who stand by you during your times of need and give that boost to you which supports you from within and helps you edge forward in life.


Of course, our physical well being is of ultimate importance as it influences our emotional well being. This in turn directly impacts our moods.


We know in fact who wouldn't want to be positive. It is definitely a feel-good factor by itself. But no matter how much we may try, there is always a Tug of War between the negative and positive. Please empower yourselves so that positivity wins in this battle.


This helps to keep your mind occupied and your mood upswing. All activities which keep you happy are mood enhancers and help keep stress at bay.


Writing your upbeat thoughts creates a naturally positive effect. Be grateful for whatever is happening in your life and you will attract more good towards yourself.


To calm your mind and soothe your nerves this is essential. Even 5 to 10 minutes daily will help you gain control over your racing thoughts. Focus inwards and change your mind towards positivity.


Some people feel that the positive mindset factor is an inborn trait within us. It is just a natural part of some people's persona. Yet each one of us has the power to change our thoughts.

Change your perspective towards the positive by reframing your thought process. Change into looking forward to a more blissful future.

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