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Too much of anything is good for nothing

Too much of anything is good for nothing Too much of anything is good for nothing
Some of us are overly sensitive. Mostly people will talk about themselves by saying, ‘I’m a very sensitive person’. But it is always in context to their own feelings.  They like to ignore the fact that they could be inflicting pain on every other person around, yet they carry this ‘injured’ air around them.


Special traits

Highly sensitive people emote on a very different level.  They have some special traits which are very different from the average person. It could also be considered as a positive thing but it has its drawbacks.


Highly sensitive

This is actually a trait which brings both strengths and challenges. Sometimes one is just easily offended by people who mean no harm or they could even be trying to be nice to you. Sometimes the reaction to everyday stressors is also extreme. You may be more affected by negative stressors than most people are.


Wild imagination

You like to believe that you are being bullied by people who mean no harm and then tend to become over emotionally aggressive. You are more deeply affected by others.  Try to manage your reactions, make it your strength rather than a challenge. 


Too intense

There are many things which can get overwhelming and need to be avoided such as


1. Sounds, noisy, crowds, uncomfortable clothing 


2. Violence on TV, movies which show violence 


3. If you need to retire to a lonely place from a long days work stint


4. If you get moved to tears by beauty, art, nature even a good commercial 


5. Have an intense inner life


These highly sensitive people as they are known as have stress levels that rise far more than the average individual. Why are these people more prone to higher stress again is an individual quality due to certain factors:


High expectations of others

These kinds of people pick up on the needs of others and try to fulfil them. They become critical of their own behaviour and blame themselves for even the small disappointments in their lives. 


In conflict

They are in more stress in conflict situations than most people. They don’t know how to deal with conflicting situations.  Dinner table conversations which can get argumentative are highly stressful for them. They have an underlying level of discomfort. 


Personal issues

They don’t like being evaluated or judged. It makes them embarrassed more than anyone.


Pure perfectionists

Mostly they are perfectionists and never seem to be able to measure up to their own standards. Even if they know their stress is misplaced, they stress. 


Grateful souls

They feel more gratitude in situations than most. They form deeper bonds and are appreciative of the smallest gestures. 


Stress relief for high sensitive people


Such people form about 18 to 20 per cent of the world’s population. They definitely need to mend their overly sensitive ways to lead a less emotionally painful life. It is in their own hands.


Stress relief measures

Insulate from stimuli

Put a barrier between yourself and too much stimulus. Try to understand yourself and whatever are your triggers to the negative spiral.


Late night shows

If they tire you, stay away.


Relaxed environs

Keep a clean home so that it relaxes you. When you get home you should unwind.


Positive people

Staying away from negative people is a relief measure. There are people who drain your energy.  


Set up boundaries

You know for yourself emotionally what bothers you. Avoid all that is emotionally painful to you.


Safe space

Find it within you and also into your environment. Go to your safe space and then deep within. Sit in your own meditative spot.


Prioritise commitment

Say no to tasks which are bothersome. Do what is most important for you and not others.  So that things are easily manageable. 


Eat well

Skipping meals leads to unstable sugar in blood, this gives mood swings.


Know what factors keep your mood upbeat. Most of life is about perspectives.  Keep stress at bay by keeping in a positive perspective.
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