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Using Yoga as a Stress Reliever

young-mother-and-cute-little-daughter-meditating-in-lotus-pose-picture-id846700118 Using Yoga as a Stress Reliever

The exact counterpart of stress is of course relaxation. There are so many ways to reach a level of relaxation so that stress isn't a bothersome issue in our lives.


In the daily humdrum business of our existence the stress response occurs naturally. During ancient times stress existed in a miniscule fashion of course compared to today's situation. It also had very different reasons. People were hassled and stressed mainly due to life threatening situations by predators, etc. In today's day and age stress is triggered through everyday situations at work, at school, at home, in relationships, or there could be a competitive situation in a game or even living up to the Joneses could trigger stress.

Stress is coloring everyone's lives now and In order to counter the pervasive stressful demands on our lives we need to slip into the relaxation mode through meditation and yoga. These according to me are the easiest and most commendable ways to counter stress. I personally believe very strongly in the mind body connect. I know that a relaxed mind leads to a healthy body.
Dating back to 5000 years Yoga is perhaps the oldest self development practice.In today's world since we are in the yoga awareness era we can easily rely on it as the most competent and beneficial stress reliever. I want to talk about this great stress relieving practice at length today as India the land of the Yogis is celebrating the INTERNATIONAL YOGA DAY today and is definitely a fact that it is one of the most wonderful ways to relaxation.The techniques work to relax mind and body both simultaneously and this is a perfectly healthy and Holistic approach.
Is of course the most popular form of yoga. It includes ethical discipline,physical postures, meditation and breathing control. Yoga is fast gaining popularity in the Western world despite being an Eastern practice. Most fitness programs used by schools, colleges, business houses etc include yoga sessions in their fitness regime as they feel that a calm and healthy mind and body condition leads to better creativity flow and increases productivity in all areas of life.
Research has found that Yoga in the morning or evening actually helps in minimizing stress.
Derived from the word ''Yoke'' which means to bring together. Yoga brings together the mind, spirit and body in synchronicity.
  1. Postures
  2. Stretching the body
  3. Visualisation
  4. Physical movement
As we practice various yogic exercises it is only natural that we reach a state of calm and relaxation.There are various styles involved in yoga, some are like aerobics, others are slow movements with a spiritual angle where concentration through breathing is more focused on.
We each one of us have to discover our own personal index and see what style suits our own individual temperament and work at it accordingly.
Numerous benefits can be focused on many levels. The main ones can be broadly categorised 
  1. Physical Benefits
  2. Psychological Benefits
  3. Spiritual Benefits
 1. Lowers Ageing
 2. Body is toned and looks good
 3. Improves circulation
 4. Lowers Blood Pressure
 5. Lowers Heart Rate
 6. Increases stregth and flexibility
 7. Relief from allergies and Asthma
 8. Sound sleep
 9. Reduces Cortisol levels
 10. Reduces stress immensely
 Several mechanisms in Yoga affect stress levels.
 1. Lifts Mood
 2. Improves concentration
 3. Gives us space within our thought stream to relax
 4. Encourages a positive attitude
 1. Easy way to connect to the Divinity within.
 2. Improved concentration helps you to enhance meditation skills and reach higher levels within.
Yoga is a great way to improve ones mental, physical and emotional health. This is definitely better than taking pills and other forms of medication. Guided imagery keeps you in a happiness mode and it costs you nothing to bounce back to rejuvenation.
Try yoga you will love the new rejuvenated you. 
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