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What are the best vitamins to take to stay healthy at all times?


The current fitness and wellness market are literally flooded by a broad range of vitamins you can buy for prices ranging from “mind-blowing expensive” to “fantastically cheap.” Liquid vitamins, powdered supplements, special energy formulas, energy bars, are just some of the many different products currently available on the market.

There are many factors to consider before choosing the right supplement or vitamin for your health, and you should seek your doctor’s opinion first and foremost. However, we all know it’s not always possible to schedule an appointment with your family doctor to just ask him which one is the best vitamin you need.

Which ones are really good for your health, and how can you choose the ones your body really needs?

In this article, we won’t provide you any advice on the specific vitamin brands available on the market. We will just focus on the most important vitamins that can help you stay healthy at all times. Feel free to browse the Internet to find what’s the best supplement that suits your needs!

Vitamin B complex

Vitamin B complex helps our body optimize the energy it extracts from food. It promotes the conversion of nutritive elements into promptly useable energy, but don’t worry… it won’t make you fat! Vitamin B complex is great for those who feel exhausted as it will give you an energy boost, provided that you eat healthy foods in the right quantities. It can also help open your appetite, which may be useful when you feel too tired or if you’re excessively slim.

Overall, it’s a great supplement if you’re a sporty type, as all your muscles will benefit from this vitamin intake, but it can also greatly help if you’re convalescing after a lengthy disease. Vitamin B is especially effective when associated with supplements of folic acid. Not only these are of paramount importance during pregnancy to prevent some serious conditions such as spina bifida, they’re great even if you’re not going to have a child.

Both Vitamin B and folates help fighting anemia (low red blood cells count), helping you fight that never-ending fatigue sensation you often endure during women’s period, or just when your blood isn’t healthy enough.

Vitamin C

One of the most powerful nature’s antioxidants, Vitamin C helps our body fight all kinds of stress, from a simple cold to overexertion in the workplace, and physical traumas as well. Vitamin C reduces our convalescence time and helps reduce the damage caused by “oxidative stress.” In other words, this substance will reduce any kind of damage you can suffer from the outside or the inside. So how much Vitamin C do we need to stay fit every day? Well… the more the better, actually.

There’s no known overdose, and Vitamin C is never harmful, yet we usually need more of this vitamin if we endure a lot of stress (for example after a long run). Vitamin C is probably the first vitamin to buy, as you can never get too much of that, and you will feel its effects almost immediately. Did we mention that orange juice contains a lot of this vitamin?

Vitamin K

Vitamin K is usually sold as a supplement together with Vitamin D, Iron, and Calcium. Vitamin K's natural effect is to promote healthy blood coagulation, but it also helps regulate calcium absorption and strengthen bones.

Because of that, it’s used in association with other vitamins, as it is widely considered a great supplement for those looking for “good blood and good bones”. Just keep attention if you’re taking some blood-thinner prescription: Vitamin K may interfere with these medications, so always check with your doctor before taking it.

Vitamin D

We naturally synthesize this vitamin just by exposing our skin to natural sunlight. Darker-skinned people, the elderly, and those who live on northern latitudes usually produce less Vitamin D. However, you will be surprised in finding how many people may suffer from different symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency.

Vitamin D is often supplemented to pregnant women, as it helps to prevent many conditions that are associated with its deficiency such as gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia, and small infants. Although you can just… spend a little more time under the sun, nutritional supplementation is a very effective way to increase your Vitamin D levels.

Several recent studies also pointed out how a stronger supplementation of this Vitamin may be associated with a lot of additional benefices, for example by promoting bone and cartilage health, and also preventing several diseases (even very serious ones like cancer and depression!). We suggest you do some internet research on this topic: you will find a lot more useful information on that!

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