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What Are The Universal Laws?!


Have you ever wondered what your role is in the grand scheme of life and the Universe? 

Universal laws give us a somewhat simple way of understanding how the Universe works and how we work inside of it. Just like there are physical laws such as the law of gravity that explain the way the physical world operates, there are also invisible laws of how the Universe works. 

Imagine the Universal laws as moving threads weaving together to form the tapestry of life. When you weave a tapestry, there are horizontal threads and vertical threads, which come together to create a fabric.

Your role in the Universe is like one of these two sides – you might be the horizontal threads and the Universal laws are the vertical. Together, you are weaving and co-creating. You are impacting and influencing reality just as much as it’s impacting and influencing you. 

When you begin to grasp these laws and live in harmony with them, you can experience a sense of trust in the Universe and in life and create a life that’s in alignment for you. 

Let’s go over some of these laws and what they mean… 

1. The Law of Thought and Emotion

The law of thought is somewhat simple. It is the Universal law which says if you keep thinking the same thing over and over again, you’ll begin to notice that thing in your outer world. 

This isn’t about the random thoughts that swirl through your head throughout the day. I’m talking about the habitual thoughts – both conscious and subconscious that continuously circle through your mind. 

The subconscious thoughts are the ones you really have to look out for! They can be great, or they can be very problematic. 

The reason these thoughts are so important is because when you think a thought over and over again, it becomes your center of expectation. In other words, you focus your energy on the thought and so it keeps showing up in your outer world. 

When this happens, eventually your body starts to respond to that thought as well. This is where the Law of Emotion comes in, because you feel emotions in your body. 

Your thoughts create a physical state, which creates an emotional state, and these things begin to show up more and more in your reality because your subconscious thinks that’s the reality you WANT to see more of. 

2. The Law of Abundance and Growth

At its essence, the meaning of this law is that what we focus on will expand and grow. It has nothing to do with the material world but instead is about what you want to grow more of. 

This Universal law brings us back to a very important question – how do I want to feel and what do I want more of? 

When you focus on this question, it brings you back to the conscious awareness of what you want to contribute to the world, both energetically and through your actions. 

Everything follows your answer to this question. When you know what you want more of, you’ll think it, you’ll see more of it in the world, then you’ll act accordingly and by the Law of Abundance, you will grow more of that thing. 

3. The Law of Frequency & Magnetism

This Universal law has been distorted in some ways in our culture. You often hear people talk about the Law of Attraction and the idea that if you simply think something, you can have it. The truth is, it’s much more complex and nuanced than this. 

The Law of Frequency & Magnetism tells us that we become magnetic to that which we think about and feel, both consciously and unconsciously. 

The common misconception is that this law gives us the ability to control the outer world to do what we want. But that’s not what it’s about. In reality, magnetism is about alignment. You have to ask yourself, What do I want to be in alignment with? 

Then you make shifts in your thinking and feelings so you can become more aligned with the things you want, and thereby you can begin to attract them. 

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