What is a peak meditation experience?

What is a peak meditation experience?

A Peak Meditation experience (PME) can sometimes be described by a more common term as a vision. One definition of a vision is something seen in a dream or trance with a supernatural appearance that usually conveys a revelation or a spiritual experience.

Peak Meditation Experiences are often spiritual in nature and can be life changing or profound in their teachings, like a near death experience. PME’s of this type, act like big downloads of data. The messaging might come in like a compressed computer file but takes time to unpack to get its full meaning. By unpack I mean reviewing the download over possibly several meditations, weeks, or months to understand its meaning for you.

PME’s can also show up in lucid dreams and other manifestations of consciousness such as a paranormal experience. There are 3 general types of PME’s 1. The vision type 2. The paranormal type 3. Epiphanies of understanding from self-inquiry into one’s own life experiences. All of these have the potential to change our life or worldview and restructure our view of reality both in the physical conscious world and in the non-physical conscious world.

Yes, we have a non-physical conscious reality life we pay almost no attention to. It exists in the dream state, deep sleep, daydreams and can be accessed while in meditation. All non-physical states where we are not creating an experience but recalling one or observing the void as in deep sleep.

In mediation we use our awareness to notice things that we don’t normally pay attention to while awake. We bypass the survival mind (ego) and its fears and beliefs to access our higher-intellect and its potential.

We can observe all of our thoughts and have thoughts about those thoughts, we are sharing our mind with a squatter we should get to know intimately, the witnessing awareness. To be clear the higher- intellect is our witnessing awareness. This is referred to as being sentient. It is believed we are the only animals that possess this capability although there are many pet owners who would argue this point.

You may have had your own peak meditation experience and want to understand it. You are not alone it is estimated over 80 percent of us have had some type of experience that fits our peak meditation experience definition. I give many examples of my experiences in my book.

My PME’s began with me at age 3 or 4 and have continued to this day. After nearly 70 years, hundreds of PME’s and epiphanies have come together to give me a deeper richer appreciation of reality and consciousness. I could not have ever experienced this level of reality without the combination of PME’s and self-inquiry.

There is a grave misunderstanding by the public about these higher states of consciousness appearing in us, giving us valuable information by which to evolve ourselves. Any open discussion about these apparitions is frequently treated negatively and called out as WUWU or some other unflattering characterization.

This cultural treatment by western society dampens the benefit of thousands of years of research into consciousness that may have begun in India with the Veda’s, Upanishads and explored further by Patanjali’s Yoga sutras an many others.

However, PME’s have been present in every indigenous culture since the beginning of time although not as well documented or widely researched as those of India. A feature with indigenous cultures has been the teaching and practices were sanctioned, taught, and passed along by a shaman, a spiritual and often gifted agent in the tribe that performs healing and guided spiritual journeys. This is done by accessing the larger existence consciousness field in which the universe resides and is fundamental to all that we experience. These shaman are alive and well in many cultures and their practices go on everyday all over the world.

PME’s are information obtained from our subconscious, body memory consciousness, existence consciousness (EC) or higher-self some might call our soul. It took me decades to understand what EC is, yet I had experienced it hundreds of times if not more before I came to terms with it.

If you are an experienced meditator, you me may know EC but not know the rest of the story. The rest of the story is that it contains all the information that has ever been or will be needed to make your highest and best choices to have a better life. You can have an intimate relationship with it, and it will illuminate a path for your evolution if you do the work to follow that path.

Now to the more important concept of experiencing EC, rather than trying to define consciousness by one of the over 250 definitions that fail to find consensus. Here is my inadequate attempt to communicate what it is from my experience.

Every time or anytime I am in the presence of EC I feel as though I am wrapped in a blanket of security where nothing can harm me. Peace, serenity, an overwhelming presence of life, compassion, caring, and love are all around. That all things are as they should be no matter how bad, painful, or overwhelming. There is purpose to all of it even though I may not understand it in the moment. There is purpose to my life and that is to evolve following the teachings it lays out and makes available to me, that I may practice to discover my truth. I can pay attention or ignore those teachings, I can do bad things, good things, or great things it makes no judgments. If I am creating love in the world through my actions I find I am evolving and experiencing more love when my actions harm others intentionally I am devolving. Our purpose is to create love to further evolve consciousness in this life and beyond.

Let us return to PME’s and some of the most common ways EC will deliver them to us. These fall within the 3-genral categories discussed earlier 1. It will provide a beautifully orchestrated, surreal, metaphorical dream or meditation experience that stretches us beyond our normal experiences to see reality in a different way 2. It will give us verifiable information, that we can know as the truth through any number of ways, a whispered voice, a vision, your own words spoken to you etc. 3. It will attach emotion to an experience to make the PME even more impactful such as meeting up with a deceased family member (a paranormal experience) or by creating a test to teach us to overcome the greatest threat to the evolution of our consciousness…FEAR 4. It will provide an opportunity for us to be of service to the greater system of EC by being of service to others expediting our evolution 5. It will lead us to examine experiences in our lives we can bridge together to find a greater or new meaning. I call this bridging, but the final outcome is self-realization.

I want to emphasize that grand visions are not necessary. Many PME’s are created from incremental understandings of ourselves through self-inquiry (bridging experiences) which I refer to as being On the Road to Peak Meditation Experiences. When we open up to these experiences and the information that can be obtained from EC it can quickly become a PME.

We can all learn these techniques, everyone has the hard wiring of consciousness within them, which is their connection to EC. We just have to understand what it is and how to access it through our meditation practices.

Book by Frank Leonesio

When Frank Leonesio entered a great downturn of depression, alcoholism, marital separation, and a spiritual crisis, he believed his life had come to an end. But only after abandoning everything and going into self-exile would he find a path to a new reality based on consciousness research.

Leonesio has devoted decades to researching human consciousness, not only from his personal experiences but from the disciplines of science, philosophy, theology, and the wisdom traditions of India and China. This led to a new way of being, developed through his own creation of the Peak Mediation Experience (PME) system.

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