When We Volunteer... We Understand That We Are One

female-volunteer-bringing-groceries-to-a-senior-woman-at-home-picture-id1214126038 Building relationship and communion with Source

No one can deny that there are a lot of challenging things going on in the world right now. 

Here in the United States, unprecedented wildfires are spreading so quickly that containment seems out of reach. Racial unrest and political tensions show no sign of diminishing. Across the globe, coronavirus cases continue to spike while explosions, collapsing mines, earthquakes, and monsoon rains are overpowering our human desire for stability and safety.

It’s no wonder that a lot of people feel at a loss as to what they can do to help or make a difference. But there’s always some way we can assist another or nurture our planet, and when we decide to offer ourselves in service, it’s always a blessing, never a sacrifice.

Many people don’t realize that Humanity’s Team began as a volunteer organization and that to this day our global outreach is primarily volunteer driven with a very small lightly-paid team. 

For our first 15 years, we were a tightly knit group of volunteers with a big vision. We felt a strong sense of duty and devotion, and we believed that the world was ready to get behind our cause, that we’d easily be able to raise the necessary funds to grow as a nonprofit, and that we’d be guided by Life in carrying out our work of supporting conscious evolution, planetary awakening, and flourishing at every level of life.

This has all come to pass. But to be honest, we’ve had our share of ups and downs throughout the years, mirroring some of the ups and downs on the larger stage. But the twists and turns gave us pause to re-evaluate and recommit, to our ever-evolving mission.

As some of you know all too well, leaving mainstream paradigms behind can feel risky, teetering on the edge of “going it alone.” But the truth is, none of us are ever alone. As a conscious organization, we’ve always believed that the Divine is in the driver’s seat and we are simply—but passionately—allowing the grand Plan to unfold through us.

When we consistently engage in deep inner practice, building relationship and communion with Source, we’re able to bring that connection into the world along with a sense of responsibility and an inclination toward positive action.

On a personal level, my family is also volunteer driven. Besides our freely-given time with Humanity’s Team, we also participate in There With Care, a nonprofit organization that provides support for families during the critical phase of a medical crisis, easing their daily stresses with compassion and care.

Many of my colleagues also give their time to organizations such as Meals on Wheels and help with animal rescue centers and shelters, food banks, and elderly care.

Those of us who extend our hearts in service without expectation of immediate return, understand that this is part of our calling to live in Oneness. We experience the alchemy of volunteerism. The time, energy, or money we share with the world always comes back to us—and often in ways we never could have imagined.

In these times of change and upheaval that so many are facing, the idea of extending yourself beyond self-care and care of family may seem too much to ask. Especially if financial struggle is part of the challenge.

But being in service doesn’t have to feel like a high-wire act. It can simply be one decision in one moment to reach out beyond self-interest.

You can offer yourself, in service in any number of ways including:

  • Shopping for a neighbor or family member,
  • Visiting seniors in person or virtually,
  • Mentoring students,
  • Driving someone to an appointment,
  • Helping with home maintenance,

Or volunteering with conscious organizations who are working to create a world in which all people, all animals, all of nature are well supported and cared for.

I assure you that when we extend ourselves through volunteerism beyond our smaller, more limited self-image, Life—Source, the Divine, the Universe—provides us with positive reinforcement that encourages us to continue on in service.

We feel supported.

We know self love and love of others.

We experience the fullness of appreciation for all of life itself.

We recognize that the artificial means of support we’ve attached ourselves to in the past aren’t stable or even truly real.

We’re enlivened to step out, reach out, and trust that this grand Plan is unfolding perfectly and that our unique perspective and expression is needed and appreciated.

In support of you on your conscious journey,


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