Who Do You Think You Are?


Do you know that the deeper version of who we are has a vibrational signature? 

Pause a moment, ask the following… 

  • Are you living life as the Soulful Self or as a personality that’s compartmentalised itself with labels? 
  • Are you doing the respectable, responsible thing? 
  • Are you living a label based on somebody else’s “good idea” for you? A good idea you’re not even sure you desire to do or be.

Now check inside.

What does it mean to define ourselves and how we go about doing that? 

Do you ever wonder, “Who am I?” Or question, “How have I decided to present myself to the world?” 

Perhaps the definitions, conscious or unconscious, of who we think we are—our “types” or labels—might be running our life.

You might identify and define yourself consciously as: I’m a mother or father, a student, a doctor, an employee, a spiritual person, or a physically-strong and athletic person. Maybe it’s subconscious labels such as… I’m insecure or not enough. I’m supposed to be different than I am. I’m a logical or smart person. 

No matter the label we choose, they are all limiting boxes.

While this may not be an immediate thought when you choose how to define yourself…

the expansive choice is: “I am infinite possibility.”

As pure possibility, you are undefinable. You are awareness itself. 

When we bring this definition of who we are into our awareness, we begin to open and unpack the labels and boxes we’ve put ourselves into. We shift our definition as we recognize our bigness. 

You can be anything, anytime. Perhaps that feels out of reach in this moment—I certainly understand. 

I slept on the floor of my closet growing up because I was so intimidated and shy. I played alone most of the time and pushed myself to participate. I convoluted the energy, which wasn’t routing through me accurately, into intimidation. Then I convoluted the energy further into compensatory patterns. I became a very good student, daughter, friend, cheerleader, and doctor—I became perfectionistic.

I was super hard on myself. 

I didn’t know who I was, so I created a definition for myself.

Doing this leads to a very stressful internal environment because we’re constantly trying to be all those labels. To compound the stress, we often desire to be the best at all of those “types” we’ve defined ourself as. This isn’t possible because when we label ourself, we also compartmentalize and externalize ourselves.

You are not a story

The invitation is to start to get to know who you are without a story, without a label or a type, and you’ll naturally live into the infinite possibility of the truth of who you are. We are here to have the life that we want to have.

Instead, our ideas and definitions of who we think we are, those labels we grew up seeing modeled by those around us, and we fit ourselves into, have been running our life experience.

Then stress comes as a byproduct. 

If you don’t know—

  • Who you are
  • What you want to do
  • Your purpose
  • What you’re contributing in life
  • Why life is not giving you the things that you really thought you’d be getting by now…

There’s a reason. It is because you’re not identifying as the True you. 

We get caught in, and attached to, some perception of who we think we should be. An idea of who we think we are based upon things others said to us. 

What if we take a timeout and ask—

  • Am I doing the things I desire to do?
  • Am I coming from the place inside I desire to come from?
  • Is life unfolding for me in a joyful manner?
  • Do I feel love inside of my body right now?

We can feel love inside our body, on command. 

What does a loving sensation feel like, physiologically, in your body? We generate the love from within. It does not need to be in response to something that someone else said or did. 

Open your heart, soften, and melt inside your body. Be present and breathe in your belly and it simply starts to happen. If you lean back against your spine and allow your central channel to open, this robust energy can flow through your system without interference. 

We can also generate joy. Maybe we don’t generate the joy in our “outer” life yet…but allow yourself to feel it inside your body system. 

We project infinite possibility through our body and onto a movie screen. We step into the movie and live that life. What’s “showing” on the movie screen appears because it’s happening inside of you first. You can’t “see” inside, but you can see the projection on the screen “out” there.

Be the Creator…choose love and joy

So when it’s time to evaluate, “Do I really want to do something…” Pause for a moment and drop in, because the way to answer is based on, “Can I find love and joy inside of my system?” When you tap the true Self, alignment occurs, and you bring love and joy to every experience all day long, every day. 

When we’re deflecting or abandoning ourselves because we think we’re not enough, the invitation is to stop and look below the label. Connect with You and consciously be the greater version of you—find the you waiting for your instructions.  

Shift your focus and ask yourself all day long, “Do feel love or joy in my body?” We want that to be our focus because as we focus on love or joy, we start to enliven the circuitry for being masterful at life. 

Here’s the secret: Life is here to be created from the inside out. 

Start with a felt vibration underneath the label. Define yourself as infinite possibility. Remind yourself, “Today I’m doing love,” so that you define yourself as the creator of your life. Then step into the movie you are directing and live the life you’re here to have. 

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