Why God is not a 911 emergency responder

emergencygod Why God is not a 911 emergency responder

Many times when individuals pray, they pray, asking God to solve their issues. Or they pray for God to grant them something they want. This is not the way in which God works. God is not a 911 emergency responder. 

We did not come here to solve emergencies

We need to remember why we chose to incarnate here on the planet. We need to remember that we came here to go to school. We did not arrive here to seek to acquire, to get, to hoard. Nor to compete with others. We came here to unfold, to grow, and to expand.

We came here to reveal the face of God in and through us and our lives. 

And so, we have chosen to come here to learn. Learn to surrender to, embrace and allow that which seeks to emerge from within us to emerge. So that we may forever become more although never less than who we used to be. We are here to be transformed by the continuous renewal of our minds.

Enter our challenge, called problems, emergencies or crisis by some. Each and every single one of them is a nothing but a Divine gift and blessing. That we may transform, grow and expand.

They are called into our experience in total agreement with the lessons we have come to learn. As we, through spiritual practice; meditation, affirmative prayer, high fellowship, and sacred study become aware of this - our problems and emergencies begin to dissolve and steppingstones to higher levels of awareness begin to emerge.

God is not a 911 emergency responder

It is vital that we realize that God is forever for each of us never against any of us. God is forever seeking to support and guide all of us along the path of unfolding.

In other words, whenever we are face to face with an emergency, we are not to call God and ask God to come down and solve our ”problem” for us. Nor are we to ask God to save us from whatever is going on in our lives.

Asking God to solve our ”problems” God would is to deny ourselves the very blessing that each challenge brings. It would be to inhibit and deny our growth. It would be to inhibit and deny God to be what God is, which is forever for the expansion of all of Life. Which is the will of God.

God is not a 911 emergency responder, because in the mind of God there are no emergencies - only opportunities and possibilities for growth.

Rather than telling God about our problems, we should tell our problems about God

In a way, we have got it all backward. Rather than telling God about the problems and issues we face, begging and praying for God to solve them, we need to vibrationally rise above that level of limitation. We need to go within, learn to become still that we may make ourselves open, available and receptive for guidance.

As we do this, as we surrender in such a way each and every problem will become as a steppingstone for us to climb to even higher levels of consciousness. Rather than being a tombstone that keeps us trapped in our small and limited perception of life.

And so rather than calling God to solve our problems we want to begin talking to our issues about the possibilities they bring. Rather than bemoaning our fate, we want to speak about the blessings, about who we will become when we grow through whatever it is we are facing. Because on some level, most of us know that we will grow through it.

Most of us have been in many situations where we could not see how it was going to work out, yet it did.

The mind of God is infinite which means that every possibility and opportunity already exists within it. And so whatever the challenge or seeming obstacle we are facing, the answer and the way out already exists. If only we make ourselves open and available enough to allow it to reveal itself.

Nothing comes into our experience uninvited

This is a universal law. The sacred laws decree that nothing ever comes into our experience uninvited. It comes either because we want it or because we don’t want it.

There is only Divine order in all of the cosmos. Things never just happen, but they happen just. Whatever vibrational frequency we keep alive and active within us will coagulate and manifest as our experience. Regardless of whether it is something we want or don’t want.

In other words, rather than turning to God in fear because we are facing a challenging situation we are to turn to God in gratitude, for having been given an opportunity to grow. To go even higher and deeper into that which is True and Real.

We need to learn to trust God more than the ego. Trust Love more than fear and abundance more than lack. We need to stop looking at the appearance of things but rather see the Truth of things - there are no problems - only Divine gifts and blessings of growth.

Let’s not call upon God to come down to us but rather that we seek to climb on up to the level of God

Many times it may seem as though God swoops down and saves us from a particular challenge. This, of course, is not so as God cannot come down to our narrow and limited level. What happens is that we, either consciously or unconsciously have risen to the vibrational level where the solution hangs out.

It is not God that has come down, but us that have ascended to a higher level. We have expanded, rather than contracted. Which is the sole purpose of each and every one of our challenges. 

The answer has always been here, but it is only now when we have made ourselves open, available, and receptive that we may perceive it.

And as we catch the answer and as we allow it to guide us, moving us in its direction - whatever problem we were facing, begins to dissolve into the no-thing-ness from which was born.

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